Blogger Beat Down: The Wrap Names TV’s Biggest Show-Killers, We Throw the Book, err… Dictionary at them!

The subject of this week’s ‘Blogger Beat Down’ is… The Wrap writer Brent Lang who in an obvious (and we should mention very successful) attempt for page views, named Alex O’Loughlin, Mark Feuerstein and Mark Valley among “TV’s 8 Biggest Show-Killers.”

Our Take: Putting aside the obvious fact that right out of the gate, author Brent Lang completely misses the mark by failing to include notorious show-killers Eric Balfour and Paula Marshall on his list, we find ourselves with little choice but to ask the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Does Mr. Lang comprehend the meaning of the term “Show-Killer?” We only ask because it is our belief that if an actor is currently starring in a hit show — like ROYAL PAINS star Mark Feurestein who just saw his show’s second season help contribute to record ratings for USA, or Mark Valley whose action/adventure hybrid HUMAN TARGET just got picked up by FOX for a second season — they aren’t technically ‘show-killers,’ are they? Oh, and as for former MOONLIGHT and THREE RIVERS star Alex O’Loughin… how about getting back to us after you’ve had the chance to watch his work in CBS’ re-imagined HAWAII FIVE-0. Having seen it ourselves, we’re pretty confident in saying third time is most definitely the charm.

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  • Rueben

    Might I add that at one point in time Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Garner and Lauren Graham were deemed show killers too; as were Maggie Lawson (Psych) and Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs). It’s not the ACTORS fault but that of the material, the network and the writing. If the show isn’t solid, if the network doesn’t support it and if the writing just doesn’t “sell” the show, then it’s bound to fail. The actors can only DO so much to make the material better if it isn’t that good to begin with.

  • adam

    The Hawaii Five-O pilot was beyond terrible. Forced camaraderie and Alex O was as stiff as ever. Also CBS spent $12M on the pilot but the show’s weekly budget? Less than NCIS. By $300k. So the third time might be the final nail. Just saying.

  • Just sayin’

    No one said “show-killer” is a permanent appellation. Some people get over it.

  • Mark Valley was great in Boston Legal too. And Royal Pains would have been another boring procedural without Mark Feurestein. Note to self: Don't trust The Wrap.

    I think I'm upset just because I like most of the actors listed.

  • Lindsey

    Well.I watched the pilot of H50 too and Scott is the show stealer , not CBS golden boy Alex O'Lauglhin, that is totally mediocre. His acting is just wooden, . The remake, nothing special , cops in Hawaii. Like a CSI with a very mediocre team.

  • My rebuttal… as soon as I look up what the word appellation means!

  • Have y'all watched the same promo that I have watched? Watched numerous times I might add. Alex is anything but wooden, yes he is going to be the straight man to Scott's Danno…..but they have given Alex the perfect show to showcase his talents. He has strength, heart, warmth, steelly look and great comedic timing, not to mention a killer bod. Keep track of your negative comments…'ll be eating them by fall. Hawaii 5-0 and Alex & Co ROCK!

  • Abby

    Mark Feuerstein is fine in Royal Pains. But his character is SO boring (the writing; not his fault). Thank goodness for the supporting cast.

  • Bianca33

    I totaly agree with you Caro. Alex plays his role as he should in Hawaii Five-O. I see nothing, but I an extremely talented, charismatic actor that will become very soon, a superstar.