Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reboots That Could Be Monster Hits

We’re not big believers in remaking TV shows, but since TV execs seem determined to do it, we thought we’d offer up some suggestions. And since THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, SUPERNATURAL and TRUE BLOOD have the audience thirsting for blood, why not focus on a few short-lived creature features we think might be a hit the second time around!
This sitcom originally aired in 1979 and starred Shelly Fabres as Helen Straight Blacke, whose creepy manor was overrun by a variety of weird scientists and supernatural occupants. Think SOAP meets DARK SHADOWS. Speaking of which…
ABC’s gothic daytime sudser went from snoozefest to sleeper hit after introducing self-actualized vampire Barnabas Collins a year into its run. In 1991, NBC launched a lavish primetime version (with Ben Cross as the brooding neck nibbler), but the pre-Twilight timing may have doomed the project from the start. In 2004, the WB filmed a younger-skewing remake which never hit the airwaves. With VAMPIRE DIARIES a big hit for The CW, maybe it’s time for them to revisit this seeminly-perfect companion piece.

A guy who can shape-shift into any animal helps cops solve crimes. Sounds like a joke, right? Well, that punch line aired from for about four months on NBC back in 1983. Anybody else out there think CSI: MANIMAL — in which a mild-mannered zookeeper morphs into snakes, birds and the occasional rhino to crack tough cases — sounds like just the kind of thing some network exec would be crazy enough to green light?
Before she became famous as the female half of WILL & GRACE, Debra Messing played a scientist tracking a new species of humans who were more cunning, vicious and bloodthirsty than the rest of us… and killing us as the key to their survival. Messing’s available again, so perhaps the series could pick up where it left off.
GOSSIP GIRL’s Kelly Rutherford was a human reporter caught between warring vampire clans in San Francisco. This was THE VAMPIRE DIARIES for grown ups. Hmm… give Stefan and Damon an older cousin and this could be a spin-off.

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  • Abby

    Manimal does seem crazy but then again there’s the shapeshifters on True Blood. It seems like a great time to make a series about a shapeshifter 🙂

  • athena0606

    omg Kindred the Embraced was sooo good I still miss it… would love to see it return.

  • Steven

    I loved Manimal in 1983. Then again, I was ten years old, so it was top notch entertainment. I also loved Automan around that same period. I'd love to see a modern-tech update of Automan.

  • Manimal Was goooood, and a classic here in Argentina at least

  • I'd watch 4 and 5

  • Ace

    Not that any of them would be bad right now, but there comes a point where you over-saturate the market and every single show about vampires/werewolves starts to go down the tubes. How about we just stick w/ the ones we have for now.

  • I would love to see another go at TV Dark Shadows, but unfortunately, that's basically what Vampire Diaries is already.

    Not to diminish TVD's success or goodness… just… vampire returning to town, in love with a woman who looks just like someone he knew centuries earlier… witches and town society… has Dark Shadows written all over it. (Funny, since when the WB was casting their Dark Shadows pilot, I thought Ian Somerhalder would've been a perfect “young hot” Barnabas)

    I think another attempt at Dark Shadows would do better now than it would have in 2004 regardless, though. Dan Curtis was still living at that time and was insistent on recreating the 1991 DS instead of trying something new. I read an interview with one of the lead writers about another concept – that would have been more of a sequel to the original daily serial – and it was so much better. As it stood, though, that pilot was quite good, regardless of the behind the scenes drama that doomed it.

    My choices for a similar list would Dallas, 21 Jump Street, and the Love Boat (again – with Dancing With The Stars style celebrities, not “people you've never heard of” like the UPN version). And although I don't think they should, you just know someone will try to regurgitate the X-Files between now and 2025.

  • Nick

    Rest assured, when The WB passed on their own Dark Shadows pilot, it was the beginning of the end for that once-great network.

    The “great minds” thought it would be a good idea to banish Michigan J. Frog and hire David Janollari as program chief….and he gave us “Twins” and “Related” instead of Angel and Dark Shadows and Lost in Oz. See the trend? Crap, versus genre shows which would've hit big.

    History has a horrible way of repeating itself, too.

  • shanna

    I loved Kindred. I own the series. That's a reboot I could get behind.