Must Read TV: FUTURAMA, HBO, Summer TV & More!

• Awesome Mashup Alert, FUTURAMA meets X-MEN.
• News to be really enthusiastic about, RIcky Gervais announces plans to drop by HBO’s CURB for one episode next season.
• Maura Tierney CAN handle the truth, signing on to ABC’s THE WHOLE TRUTH.
• HB… Oh… Oh…. OHHHH!!! Pay Cabler is developing a comedy about a young women’s quest to achieve orgasm based on the book Thanks for Coming. And no, we’re not making this up.
• Summer TV 101: 5 Shows you should catch up on before deciding you actually like WIPEOUT!

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  • joshemerson

    I've been planning on watching Fringe. I bought the first season DVD when it was $10 and I haven't watched it yet!

  • kammie78

    Love the article on summer TV, and I know exactly what they meant about the characters on Dexter! I finally am completely caught up!

  • Ace

    Josh — Don't give up on Fringe during the first season. It is good, but kind of uneven. Make it through to the second season and I promise you won't be disappointed. My summer catch up is Mad Men. I still have the 3rd season to watch b/f the premiere next month.

  • Anonymous

    Futurama is a great show, season 6 was one of the best season’s yet. I can’t wait for seven to start in June, and hopefully they will keep coming for a few more seasons. Working at DISH Network at night I usually end up missing the nightly playing of an episode, but I recently got a sling adapter for my receiver and now I can stream Futurama to my phone right from the live tv stream at my house.