An In Depth Look At… Next Week’s Most Shocking Soap Moments!

If it’s Friday, it must be time for our friends at Soaps In Depth to fill us in on the action set to unfold next week across the daytime dial. And according to executive editor Richard M. Simms, Genoa City — home to THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — is the place to be as a court fight is interrupted by a shocking turn of events that will have everyone buzzing.

“The week kicks off with Cane and Mac duking it out in court,” previews the editor. “Mac is serving as a surrogate for Cane and his wife, Lily. Mac’s carrying twins, which is great news. But tragically, Lily has cancer and is dying.” Cane thinks his wife’s life can be saved by using stem cells found in the amniotic fluid, but Mac and Lily have both rejected that notion. Going behind his wife’s back, Cane has taken Mac to court. “It’s really dramatic, because there’s so much on the line,” says Simms. “And just when you think things can’t get any more emotional, they do when Lily bursts into the courtroom, having come home to die!”

The other big CBS story next week comes from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, where the situation involving Pam, Stephen and Stephanie spirals out of control. “The show’s headwriter and executive producer, Brad Bell, does not do violent storylines often, and he almost never introduces guns. So when Stephen bought a gun and packed it away, we knew this was going to all lead to a pretty big showdown.” With Pam off her meds and Stephen urging his increasingly unbalanced lover to do away with her sister, the viperish Stephanie, the situation is set to explode. “What’s going to be really interesting here is the fallout of what happens at the Big Bear cabin. This isn’t just a story about a gun and who might take a bullet. It’s much more complicated than that because of the contentious relationship between the Logan and Forrester families.”

Over in AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Oakdale, Holden is planning his wedding. But with ex-wife Lily thinking that she might just want him back, Molly shouldn’t necessarily count on being the one who gets a ring on her finger. And there’s also the very nasty drama surrounding Vienna and her supposed baby that is just waiting to be exposed.

Meanwhile, the magazine offers up its predictions on who will win when this year’s daytime Emmy awards are handed out. “I watched every single reel personally,” says Simms. “It’s exhausting! But it also shows you just how much talent there really is working in the genre.” Rounding out the issue are features with Y&R’s Sharon Case and B&B’s Rick Hearst, as well as the stars of ATWT speculating on how they’d like to see the show end!

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    I'm so sick of Lilly and Cane and Mac for that matter. They are boring in the last stage of boredom.