You Be the Critic: SCOUNDRELS and THE GATES

Just because we spent the night blogging, tweeting and partying it up with some of music’s biggest stars last night at the phenomenally exciting MUCH MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS doesn’t mean we’ve forgot what’s really important: TV! Which is why we thought we’d take this opportunity to ask you — our far smarter and better looking readers — to post away with what you thought about last night’s new scripted summer offerings from ABC. Were SCOUNDRELS and THE GATES worth watching, or should we save ourselves the two hours by erasing them from our DVR/PVR?

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  • gurtegh

    I really liked the Gates! It was actually really good and interesting! The characters are likable and there are plenty of storylines in the shows that will make u interested!

  • gurtegh

    I really liked the Gates! It was actually really good and interesting! The characters are likable and there are plenty of storylines in the shows that will make u interested!

  • I haven't watched “The Gates” yet (Sunday is getting quite over-crowded!).
    “Scoundrels” was OK, but not great. I am a big fan of the original NZ show “Outrageous Fortune” and this premiere was basically a shot-for-shot remake of the pilot episode of that show. So I will need to withhold judgement until I see how it does with future episodes. However, I do like the actress who plays the youngest daughter (I think she was on “Gilmore Girls” as Luke's daughter) and she bears a close resemblance to her NZ counterpart.

  • Linda B.

    I passed on both. Would also like to know if I made the right decision.

  • Haven't watched either yet, was busy watching True Blood and Leverage.

  • amcarter

    THE SCOUNDRELS left much to be desired with only a couple solid lines, shotty acting and almost to many characters to introduce in one episode. Other shows have introduced many characters in one episode and pulled it off but I'm not sure how they are going to continue to keep it from bouncing around from character to character. Grandpa West seems to be full of alzheimer riddled humor and Hope's zingy one-liners are great. All in all- I'll tune in next week because there isn't much on TV during the summer but I can't promise anything for episode three.

    THE GATES was entertaining with it's mystery behind the gates and creatures which go bump in the night, but with this vampire-centric with a dash of dark magic and a pack-o-werewolves I'm left wondering how they might be able to show us something “new”. Questions like how are the vampires able to go out in the sun or other generic wonders of the dark side have yet to be answered. A death in the pilot makes it interesting and a final twist will deffinately bring me back for episode two and hopefully more.

    ABC's scheduling was a smart move considering very popular vampire TV show TRUE BLOOD begins at 9pm and THE GATES takes over for all your remaining vampire needs at 10pm with a lot more clothing but quite a few secrets.

  • kammie78

    A very good review, and I tend to agree with you completely. I did not really have a lot of expectations for either shows…SCOUNDRELS seemed like a semi-original idea, but you are right, too many characters too fast. And for THE GATES, which at first glance seems like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES meets all-things-supernatural, finding something new and innovative will be quite the challenge.

    I will give them a few more episodes because, well, there isn't a whole lot else on…but I wasn't as impressed as I wish I had been.

  • Nick

    The Gates was extremely entertaining. I get so sick of people, critics especially, panning any new show right off the bat. Networks don't have a chance anymore; critics are ripping the product before it even airs.

    I, for one, am so sick of America's Next (blah, blah)…talent, dancing, wipeout, cooking crapola, I'm grateful that ABC is trying to give us something intriguing for the summer. Shoot, on CW, The Gates is an instant hit. Some very hot young actors.

  • save yourself from watching those boring shows, i feel like i just wasted two hours of my life in a bad way 🙁

  • Emmers

    I enjoyed Scoundrels…. thought David James Elliott was the biggest hit!

  • Nancy

    I actually like them both. I look forward to both of these series. I sure hope that the scoundrels are not canceled.