Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with ROOKIE BLUE Star Missy Peregrym

As someone who was somewhat disappointed with the CW’s treatment of REAPER, I’m curious as to what it was like to work on a show that had virtually zero network support or promotion.
Missy Peregrym: Because we had such a good time making the show in Vancouver, it didn’t really matter. In fact, I was surprised we had as many fans as we did, as we didn’t really fit in with the kind of shows that were on the network at the time. I guess when you do this long enough, you realize you can be canceled at any time anyways, so you’re just grateful to get whatever you can out of it.

What attracted you to ROOKIE BLUE?
Outside of a couple of commercials when I first started out, I really hadn’t done anything in Canada so I was very excited to come to Toronto and film the show. Also, I loved the script so much when I read it, and after meeting the producers, I was sold on it completely. I was so excited about what their ideas were for the show and where they wanted to take it. It’s been amazing and such a cool collaboration where everybody who is on the show really understands their character, so it’s a lot of fun to work on. I’m so grateful for it and am really proud of it.

Do you feel that the elevator pitch that is GREY’S ANATOMY with Cops is an accurate assessment of the show?
The only way I can relate our show to GREY’S ANATOMY, having only seen one or two episodes myself, is that they’re both very character driven and not incredibly procedural. There are five rookie cops and their training officers, and we really focus more on the relationships and the pressure involved with training for something where you’re never actually prepared for the real-life situations until they happen. The character driven nature of the show, not the code talk was what I was more interested in and why I was really attracted to this series.

What can you tell us about your character of Andy McNally?
Andy comes from a family of cops. Unfortunately her father didn’t exactly handle the pressure in the best way, which was one of the motivations for her joining the force. She wants to redeem her father’s name. Also, she’s just a really good person with great intentions. Things don’t always work out for her, but she wants to do good thing, wants justice and wants to protect people.

Coming off supporting roles on HEROES and REAPER are you finding there is any added pressure now that you’re essentially the face of ROOKIE BLUE?
In terms of REAPER, I was hardly in it and it was the easiest job for me. I loved it because I was at home, but you know I was ready to take on a role that was well-rounded, where there was a lot going on besides me just being the girlfriend and the relationship aspect of the show. This is a huge deal for me and I’m so excited to be playing a character that has so much going on. It’s a lot of work and really exhausting because it’s hard to come in everyday with so much on your plate. But as for the whether or not I feel pressure if the show’s going to fail because I’m the lead? [Laughs] Maybe, I have no idea! But I don’t feel that I’m the lead and everything revolves around me. It’s the “Rookies,” we all have our story-lines and it’s a total team effort to make this show, it’s not just me at all. I don’t feel that pressure and it’s none of my business to even worry about that. We’re all here to do our job, act and play the scenes the best that we can. Everything else is up to the network and the public and what they’re looking for in a show.

Catch the series premiere of ROOKIE BLUE this Thursday June 24th at 9PM on ABC (Global TV in Canada)

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  • “Outside of a couple of commercials when I first started out, I really hadn’t done anything in Canada so I was very excited to come to Toronto and film the show.”

    That seems strange, since I think everything I've ever seen her in except for Heroes was shot in Vancouver (which, last I checked, was still in Canada).

  • joshemerson

    Maybe she means something that is actually a Canadian show, rather than an American show filmed there?

  • Nick

    Isn't it funny that so many interviews have to begin with telling the star how disappointed we are that The CW canceled their brilliant series? And it's so true.

    The CW thought that Betwixt was “too dark,” yet they cancel the great crossover genre/dramedy Reaper. Go figure. Exactly WHAT tone are you looking for, CW? Hellcats tone? Nikita tone? We'll see how that works out.

    Word to the wise…you have a show with a devoted cult following…you keep it on the air. At least you're assured of SOME audience, which is more than we can say for Everwood's replacement, Runaway, and Reaper's replacements, The Beautiful Life and Melrose.

  • I just re-listened to the interview to ensure I transcribed correctly and she did indeed say “I really hadn't done anything in Canada”. Spending long hours on set, she may have meant Toronto, or for a Canadian network, but who knows!

  • I loved Reaper, completely disappointed with CW's treatment of it too. It was much better than so many of their other shows.

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