Unsolicited Career Advice For Amanda Bynes

From her role on the underappreciated WB series WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU to her big screen efforts in Hairspray and She’s the Man, we’ve always had a soft spot for actress Amanda Bynes. In fact, blessed with that rare combination of down-to-earth good looks and flawless comedic timing, the actress always came across as the ultimate girl next door. And one who in our eyes deserved some serious credit for doing what the Britney’s, Christina’s and Lindsay’s of the day couldn’t: Stay out of the the tabloids and serve as a genuine role model for legions of young fans.

Which is why the recent unexpected news of Bynes’ retirement (via twitter) was so jarring. Suffice to say, we always assumed that the actress was destined for a lengthy career in Hollywood, or to be more specific, a fate that didn’t involve joining “JTT” in early-retirement. Seriously. If ABC Family has made one thing abundantly clear over the course of the past few years, it’s that there is always room for another beloved 90’s television icon (see: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Laura Leighton and Holly Marie Combs or any character over the age of 30 on THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER) on the small screen. Which is why we naturally assumed Bynes would quickly pick herself up after an unfortunate string of direct-to-DVD releases and return to television, the medium in which she flourished. And why we took the liberty of compiling a few choice roles should the actress decide to have a change of heart.

GLEE: Although we’re hesitant to recommend yet another addition to the ever-expanding McKinley High Glee Club, Bynes and her beautiful blond locks have the perfect look for the somewhat judgemental “Christian” character Ryan Murphy has been hinting about adding to his hit show’s second season. Plus, as fans of Hairspray can attest, the girl can sing.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: What’s a 24 year old actress who is too old ABC Family and far too young for TV Land to do? Move to Wisteria Lane! No really. Not only would Bynes’ arrival as one half of a just-married couple add an entirely different perspective to the aging ABC series, she’d open up a vast array of story-telling possibilities and bring with her a like-ability factor so off-the-charts that unlike Susan Meyer, we’d actually care what happens to her character when placed in harm’s way.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Remember that twenty-something college student that we’ve been lead to believe is floating somewhere within the confines of the school that Ted teaches architecture at? Well, Mother, found.

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  • Ace

    I wish Amanda the best of luck in whatever she chooses to do next, but if she is the mother…I'm done.

  • Nick

    I, too, hope AB changes her mind and takes on some acting roles. Anything can grow tiring after you've done it for a couple decades, but she was BORN for this medium. She is so likable and so talented. WILAY was hilarious.

    If she's tired of playing comedy, take a dramatic role—any number of CW dramas would be lucky to have her, even for an extended guest arc. At 24, she's also the perfect age to play a HS freshman on the network. Get her onto Life Unexpected, Liz!

  • hilsto

    Maybe disappearing for a few years could be the best thing for her acting career. The TV industry changes pretty quickly. What was out a few years back could be in again. No reason she can't find something she enjoys in the meantime if acting isn't working out at the moment. She's still young. And yeah, I appreciate she was a kid star who didn't parade around in the tabloids. She might not make as much early stardom that way, but dignity is worth way more in the long run.

  • Kat

    “Plus, as fans of Hairspray can attest, the girl can sing.”

    Really? I mean, REALLY? Did you listen to that soundtrack at all? I love Amanda Bynes, but she has no business singing. Acting, yes, she's a lot of fun in comedic roles, but please don't have her sing! I hate to say it, but her voice was the worst part of the Hairspray soundtrack.