An In Depth Look At… GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Deadly Plot!

They say that those who don’t remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat that, and it would seem nobody better epitomizes that than GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sonny Corinthos. Time and again, the mobster’s lifestyle puts those around him in danger and yet he continues making decisions which guarantee the same results. This week, his decision to plant a bomb in the car of rival mobster Johnny Zacchara goes horribly awry, putting yet another of Sonny’s loved ones in danger.

“Sonny hates being told he’s a bad father,” says Richard Simms, executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine. “But he has a pretty awful habit of putting his children in the line of fire. His decision to marry Claudia indirectly led to Michael being shot in the head and spending a year in a coma. Sonny shot Dante in the chest. And now, it’s Kristina’s turn.  She’s pretending to date Johnny just to tick her dad off. Well, mission accomplished, because that’s what pushes him to plant a bomb in the guy’s car!”

Do we really need to tell you that Kristina winds up in the car? (If so, you’re not a regular follower of the soap!) In other Sonny-related news, the mag looks at how his life will be impacted by the return of Brenda (played by LAS VEGAS alum and fan favorite Vanessa Marcil). “Fans are really excited about her return,” shares Simms. “And it’s safe to say that Sonny’s portrayer, Maurice Benard, is feeling the same way!”

Meanwhile, the new issue also features an exclusive six-page look at the real-life wedding of Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH), a chat with ALL MY CHILDREN’s Finn Wittrock (Damon), an interview with ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Brian Kerwin (Charlie) and a very fun comparison between a little vampire saga you may have heard of called Twilight and daytime’s late, lamented PORT CHARLES. Was that soap — which featured a sexy, brooding vamp (played by Michael Easton, now OLTL’s John) and more supernatural creatures than can be found locked behind ABC’s primetime creepfest, THE GATES.

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  • soapopera lover in al.

    I can't believe that you would have an unprofessional soap opera star that suppose to be talented and so popular to be laughing out so loudly on tv. does brenda have bipolar disorder? where is the sanity in all of this? do we have to hear this everytime someone say something funny to her? what has happened to professionalism in is so tacky and annoying. Soap Opera Lover In AL.