Good News, Bad News: COUGAR TOWN, Marvel & Rob Lowe

Good News: ABC is seriously considering renaming Courteney Cox’s COUGAR TOWN. Bad News: We’re still waiting for our phone to ring with an offer to license our [above] promo art! [E!Online]

Good News: Some of your favorite superheroes may soon be making their way to the small screen with Marvel Entertainment announcing plans to launch of a TV division. Bad News: Tasked with heading up said division is none other than the man who many have credited with running HEROES into the ground, writer-producer Jeph Loeb. [Deadline]

Good News: Rob Lowe is returning to Washington D.C. Bad News: Not in our oft-dreamed about WEST WING reboot, but rather to produce a Washington D.C. based reality show POTOMAC FEVER. [MediaBistro]

Good News: Actress, comedienne, TV Addict favorite Janeane Garofalo has signed a deal to return to our living rooms on a weekly basis. Bad News: In the generic, creativity-zapping, procedural spin-off that is CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR. [EW]

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  • Ace

    I'm really divided on the name change for Cougar Town. On the one hand, it is an awful name that never should have been greenlit in the first place and doesn't fit the show. But no the other hand, I fear that a name change would confuse people and lose some of the already small audience. If only the show had started with the midseason episodes instead of those awkward few episodes where Courtney was chasing young guys.