Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons in favor of COUGAR TOWN keeping its name!

If there is any truth to the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity, it might behoove ABC to reconsider the name change they’re reportedly mulling over for Courteney Cox’s COUGAR TOWN. After-all, if there is one thing the ratings challenged show doesn’t need heading into its pivotal second season is audience confusion as it struggles to stand out in an increasingly crowded television marketplace. Sure, the name may not exactly be indicative of what the show has evolved to — which is far more of a ensemble laugher — but what’s in a name really…. we ask rhetorically as we present five shows whose name have very little to do with the show that they represent!

While curious viewers may have first tuned in to enjoy the always platonic and often humorous friendship between a gay man (Will) and a straight woman (Grace), they stuck around for the hilarity that were the real stars of the show: An endless parade of guest stars Jack & Karen!

Suffice to say, after five seasons of her hit Emmy-winning Bravo reality TV show, an endless string of sold-out comedy dates spanning the globe, and a NY Times best-seller, there is absolutely nothing D-List about the artist formerly known as Brooke Shields second-banana on SUDDENLY SUSAN.

Now correct us if we’re wrong, but have the last two seasons not primarily taken place in Metropolis? We’re just saying.

Spoiler Alert: Once the entire school (not to mention millions of viewers) discover that you’re pregnant, the secret is kinda out.

What started out as a show chronicling the inner-workings of Oceanside Wellness Center, a posh private Malibu medical facility home to a bunch of ridiculously good-looking doctors has quietly transformed itself into Addison’s Anatomy, with virtually every episode culminating in a trip to the hospital where a team of highly skilled physicians attempt to save multiple lives while struggling with a plethora of personal issues. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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  • Ace

    To be fair, of the 3 shows you listed that I did watch (Will & Grace, Smallville and Private Practice), I stopped watching when they became the shows that deserved a name change. It is the opposite for Cougar Town. I had almost given up on the show when it randomly changed into a different show that deserves a new title. I still think it is too late to change the name though.

  • angrodpallanen

    I see your point, but this is kinda a finger up the air kinda post. You can give these kind of reasons for any show.

    Grey's Anatomy
    With that big of a cast (including a second Grey), we hardly know what big Grey is thinking about.

    The Office
    With Michael Scott leaving, I'm hoping for a “Jim & Pam” change.

    Pretty Little Liars
    Don't think the brown-haired one is pretty.

    It doesn't take place in that country at all.

    Every Other Show

    Love your posts man, but a litttle bit effort is not a luxury.

  • A lot of shows are like that. But Cougar Town was a stupid name to begin with anyway.