• King Out! After 25 years, the iconic CNN talk show host officially calls it quits.
• Lord of the Remote? FX snags Elijah Wood for WILFRED.
• Hulu unveils Plus, with the minus being that it will cost you $9.99 per month.
• Another Walker Walks, as Emily VamCamp gets set to exit BROTHERS & SISTERS due to budgetary cuts.
• 90210-OH! Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian will all appear on the third season premiere of the hit CW show when it returns in September.

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  • gurtegh

    90210: Hit CW show? :S

    or maybe Struggling CW Show!

  • Ace

    Honestly, at this point, I feel like they should just make a Kevin and Scotty spin-off for Brothers & Sisters and let the rest of the cast just rotate in as needed. They are the only ones that are still interesting anyway. That being said, I'm strongly considering deleting the show from the DVR in the fall.

  • Nick

    Dear Hulu,
    While I appreciate that you want to make a buck, going from zero to $10 overnight is ludicrous. Do you seriously believe people who are already nickled-and-dimed to death with cable, internet, cell phones & other media are ready to pony up another $120 a year just to watch a few shows on your site? You're dreaming, dudes.

    Count me among those who will not be turning over my hard-earned cash to your coffers.

  • hilsto

    Did you read the article Nick? They are still going to offer hulu pretty much as they do already, but if you want additional services (like complete seasons of tv shows and hookups for your tv and game console) you can pay for those services. So if you like how things are right now nothing will change for you. If you want MORE then you can pay for it.

    Personally, I am interested in subscribing. I don't have cable so I get my tv through hulu and netflix or other means and it would be nice to get additional services from hulu. Total tv cost for me a month = $20. For someone without “traditional tv” services (which people seems to feel fine shelling out $70+ a month for…I certainly will never) this is a good alternative. People are so geared up to complain, but when I break it down it wouldn't be a bad deal for me.

  • Nick

    If it works for you, great. I'm not gonna be tied to a computer screen to watch TV, nor do I believe Hulu will continue to offer “pretty much what they do now” at no cost. There are too many network execs sniffing a payout. Corporate greed will again kill our golden goose.

  • hilsto

    Netflix works pretty well. I don't see why hulu can't live on in a similar fashion. I watch 90% of my tv on my computer as it is. I have a big monitor. My tv is crappy and 8 years old and I hardly use it. Maybe it is a generational thing. I feel more comfortable with Netflix and Hulu than I do with comcast or dish. Everyone pays someone in the end.

  • Let me just say this: Being stuck up here in Canada where 3 years later we still remain hulu (and incidentally iphone 4) free, I'm envious that you guys even have a choice to spend 10 dollars a month! That said, seeing as though I already shell out more than I care to remember on cable per month, another 10 dollars is a hard pill to swallow

  • Ace

    Exactly. It would be nice if the networks would let Netflix have the same content for their customers. Even if it means they have to show commercials for newer episodes.