NBC Bumps LOVE BITES to Midseason

Breaking: Becki’s baby blues bumps BITES! News which, loosely translated finds Becki Newton’s highly-anticipated UGLY BETTY follow up, the NBC anthology series LOVE BITES being bumped to midseason (or possibly earlier should NBC’s fall lineup falter) to accommodate the actresses real-life baby bump and the unexpected stepping down of showrunner Cindy Chupack (Who wished to focus on writing the series rather than managing it.) What’s worse, NBC, a network in desperate need of a fresh start is now forced to take a step backwards, filling the Thursdays at 10PM void left by BITES unexpected delay with yet another tired instalment of THE APPRENTICE. In short: This bites.

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  • queerbec

    Why not revive the true Law and Order! New York needs the business!

  • Ace

    They should use the spot for “The Event”. The commercials are actually looking interesting, but going up against Castle and Hawaii Five-O is not going to be good for it. Does anyone actually still watch the Apprentice??