WEEDS First Look: The Botwin Clan are Born to Run!

Wondering how the Botwin clan plans to deal with the fallout from last season’s shocking WEEDS finale that saw youngest son Shane club Pilar (the ex-wife of Nancy’s on-again-off-again Mexican Mayor/drug lord babydaddy!) in the head with a croquet mallet after she suggested that Nancy’s “extraneous” sons weren’t quite needed? In a word, run!

According to TV Guide Magazine’s William Keck, when the hit Showtime series returns for its sixth season on August 16, Nancy, Silas, Shane and Andy will be doing so in a Winnebago. “Nancy would never leave her family behind so we’re all on the run together. We pick up and move states. It’s cool to see this family outside of their world,” explained Hunter Parris, who plays Nancy’s eldest child Silas. “We’ve only had one consistent set in the nine out of thirteen episodes we’ve shot so far, we’re filming on location a lot.” And here with a sneak peak of a few of those locations, including a hotel lobby, kitchen, and convenience store is theTVaddict.com. More first look photos of which can be found after the jump.

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  • Can't wait..

  • TrueladyMD

    Where's the baby?

  • Excellent question. I for one am hoping WEEDS takes the FRIENDS (think: Rachel) approach where the baby isn't much of a focal point. But I suppose we'll find out more info as we get closer to the premiere.

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