Your TV Tech Fix: Just how much do you like your friends?

Before you rush out and buy one of those recently released 3D TVs, there is one more lingering question — aside that is, from what exactly are you planning on doing with the 52″ flatscreen you just bought less than a year ago — that you need to consider. That question: Just how much do you really like your friends? 

No, really. Before you go ahead and invite your 10 or 15 of your closest friends and relatives to “ohh” and “aww” over the fact that you’re the first in your neighborhood with the ability to watch Dreamworks’ Monsters and Aliens in 3D, not to mention that little soccer football tournament half way around the world, you might want to take a moment and ask yourself the somewhat awkward but probably easy to answer question: Are your friends worth $150 a pop? Because that, according to a recent report on the popular gadget blog Gizmodo, is just how much it’s going to cost you to outfit each of them with a pair of 3D glasses. Glasses that rumor has it are somewhat integral to the whole 3D experience!
Just something to think about it as you decide to jump on the often perilous, always exciting journey that comes with being an early adopter.

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  • joshemerson

    I don't know, I still think 3D is a fad. I don't think there's going to be a time when 3D is the common mainstream way to watch TV and movies. So no I won't be spending my money on a new TV. HD is great for me.

  • I can't even begin to tell you how against I am this whole 3D craze I am in both TV and films. If you ask me, it's nothing more than a desperate money grab on behalf of Hollywood. And one I'm praying doesn't take off in TV land.

  • Mike

    Hate the 3D craze too. I think TV will be spared for a while only because the big push is into mobile entertainment and content providers are invested in delivery of HD TV to mobile devices, with 3D (other than gaming) lagging way behind. That could change in an instant, but I hope it doesn't.

    Watching 3D on a mobile phone or iPad is an even stupider experience than watching it at home, imo, and watching it at home is only fun until you realize you're at home and want to get up and do other things while watching TV: flip channels, tweet your friends, make a sandwich that doesn't look like Soylent Green b/c of the silly glasses you're wearing. Glasses that'll be obsolete in a year or so anyway b/c the technology changes again. Yeah, there's money well spent.