Good News: The brilliant-but-canceled PARTY DOWN is finally getting the attention it deserves. Bad News: Courtesy of what actor Adam Scott describes as an “outtake from the official fake Vanity Fair cover shoot.” [Variety]

Good News: THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Jim Parsons is angling for a guest spot on GLEE. Bad News: The next TV writer who comes up with yet another tired headline-grabbing story about [insert celebrity here] wanting to guest on GLEE will get a Rachel Berry-sized slushie in the face at this summer’s Television Critics Association Press Tour. Mitovitch, you’re on notice! [Fancast]

Good News: Contrary to popular belief, Jon Gosselin is not illiterate. Bad News: He’s writing his memoir. [Radar]

Good News: Inspired by the hit fox show, GLEE camps are all the rage this summer. Bad News: And so to is the youth of America’s unrealistic expectations when it comes to their shot at stardom, or at the very least their upcoming AMERICAN IDOL audition. [Chicago Tribune]

Good News: After four years of endless rumor and speculation, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT the movie has a trailer. Bad News: Make that a fake one crafted by a clever film student who clearly has too much time on his hands. [YouTube]

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  • joshemerson

    The last thing Glee needs is more guest stars! Is this the new Will & Grace?

  • That last one was just evil. Please don't ever get my hopes up like that again!

    Going to go watch the fan-made trailer now, though.

  • Agreed. Glee needs to use the amazing cast it has and expand upon them. It did a better job of showing us the secondary characters in the second half of the season but we still don't know much about characters like Tina. Now that Santana and Brittany are being bumped up to regular characters I hope to see more of them as well. That said, some of the guest stars Glee had really brought something to the show, like Kristin Chenoweth (who is always welcome as far as I am concerned), Jonathan Groff (if only they had used him better!), and the amazing Neil Patrick Harris. I wouldn't say no to seeing the hilarious Jim Parsons stretch his wings on a show like Glee.

    Wonderful to see that Wheaton will be back on Leverage this year. He makes a great geek villain!

  • angrodpallanen

    I don't think Glee can handle more guest stars. All they ever do is shy away from the story to give guest stars something special to do. I get less excited about the new season of Glee every day.

  • Ain't That The Truth About Glee!

    A good Guest Star can be appreciated ONCE IN A WHILE, however when that becomes ALL you read about the show or all you see in the show something is wrong.

    They need to just concentrate on their main cast, we love the show already stop trying to WOW us.