Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Favorite Emmy Nominee Reactions

“I was relieved that the Academy spelled my name right and as I am now a free agent, Lebron and I will be announcing our plans later this evening,” said Julia Louis-Dreyfus to The Hollywood Reporter in recognition of her nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy for her work on THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE.

Why we love it: Living up to her reputation as one of the small screen’s sharpest funny-ladies, Dreyfus’ quote not only hilariously called back to the recent snafu that had Hollywood’s Walk of Fame incorrectly spell her name on her ‘Star,’ but also managed to tie in her free agency status courtesy of CBS’ boneheaded decision to cancel her hilarious and under appreciated series with tonight’s big announcement by Lebron James (Who, spoiler alert: Is totally going to the Heat)

“I was so happy to see Kyle and Connie recognized. But I may have lost his phone number, so if he reads this—please call me!” said John Hamm on his nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Drama for his work on MAD MEN.

Why we love it: Taking a moment from an interview with TV Guide Magazine to give a shout out to surprise (albeit very deserving) nominees Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, again the best show you, yes YOU aren’t watching!) Indeed, there is a reason why all of Hollywood is mad about John Hamm: He may in fact be the nicest guy on the planet. Added bonus: Fills out a suit quite nicely.

“I’m ‘Running Wilde’ with excitement,” said Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy nominee Will Arnett for his work on 30 ROCK “I can recall all the times I thought, “Man, it’s Tuesday at 9:30. I hope 10 years from now I can say I have a show this fall, on Fox,” and be referencing something I’m proud of.”

Why we love it: Simply put, the never-not-funny Will Arnett cleverly showed off some of that Bluth business savvy by turning today’s nomination into an opportunity to promote his upcoming new FOX series RUNNING WILDE. Suffice to say, Michael Bluth would be proud.

“In classic Phil Dunphy fashion, I was fast asleep when the nominations were announced and am deeply saddened to have missed Sofia’s pronunciation of Mariska Hargitay,” said Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy nominee Ty Burrell for his hilarious work on MODERN FAMILY. “All kidding aside, I’m so proud of the fact that ‘Modern Family’ was recognized in so so many categories, from Chris Lloyd and Steve Levitan, to Jason Winer, our unbelievable crew and my fellow yahoos in the cast — the Television Academy so graciously shared the love with our entire modern family. I am starting the campaign today: Ed O’Neill 2011!!”

Why we love it: It’s Ty Burrell. Translation: Short of cheating on his small screen wife Claire (fellow nominee Julie Bowen), he pretty much can do no wrong!

“Let’s face it, kids, we are the dirty-faced outlaws who no one wants in their clean white town. We are too loud, too violent, too brash. We don’t sing, have pretty sets, or wear retro suits. They admire us from afar, wish they could do what we do, then they pull the shades and settle for the familiar.” wrote SONS OF ANARCHY creator Kurt Sutter on his blog. “It’s too easy and lazy to be angry (Mariska Hargitay are you fucking kidding me? ).  So today, I choose gratitude.  I am enormously proud of everyone associated with Sons of Anarchy and truly excited about the stories we get to tell.  Yes, accolades are wonderful, (and if we were nominated I’d be calling the Academy geniuses) but at the end of the day, I’m simply grateful that I get paid a lot of money to do something I love.  And so, I go back to work, on the wrong side of the tracks.  Ride safe.

Why we love it: In short, Kurt Sutter is a reporter’s wet dream. In an era where most of Hollywood is afraid to speak their mind for fear or retribution or reprisal, the SONS OF ANARCHY showrunner’s refreshingly honest and quite frankly fearless penchant for telling it like it is has us this close to stopping what we’re doing at this very moment and heading to the local Best Buy to purchase the first season of SONS OF ANARCHY on DVD.

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  • Nick

    Julia's quote is high-larious. But if LBJ goes south, there's gonna be t-r-o-u-b-l-e, dude….cabanas or not.

  • So is it supposed to be ironic that her name is misspelled in this article?

  • Yes.. ironic… that's it. Thanks for the heads up. I honestly thought I spell-checked, but never seem to get her name right!

  • joshemerson

    I'm really gonna miss Old Christine. That show was hilarious. I would have loved to see Christine back in college!

  • forg

    Love Ty's and Julia's quotes

  • Nick

    Post-Miami announcement: I have 100% more respect for Julia than the MVP (Most Vile Punk) who shall not be named.


    go and get SOA season 1 TODAY.. it's amazing television. it starts as a slow burn, but as you get deeper inside, you wont be able to turn away. And season 2.. the fact that Katy Sagal wasn't nominated is criminal. if she submitted episode 10, “Balm”.. i dont understand how she could have been left out. i really don't.

  • shanna

    Go to Best Buy and get SOA. It's worth it.