Today’s TV Addict Top 5: We go a little MAD analyzing MEN’s Season 4 Promotional Photo

Not simply content to sit idly by and scratch our head as to what MAD MEN mastermind (and notorious spoilerphobe) Matthew Weiner has in store for us salivating fans when the highly-anticipated fourth season kicks off a mere two weeks from Sunday (July 25), we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to draw our own conclusions based on this just released promotional photo. Feel free to add your take in the comments below.

After a season spent primarily outside the walls of the Sterling Cooper as a result of her unfortunate decision to marry Dr. Douche-bag, Christina Hendrick’ Joan Harris is returning to the spotlight. Where, she’ll not only reconfirm the obvious, that being: nobody fills out a red dress like Joan Harris. We get the distinct impression — as evidence by her very prominent placement in the photo next to big wig Roger Sterling that she will be making up for last season’s lack of screen-time in a big brash way.

Betty Draper is one angry housewife. And as a result, will more than likely be keeping a very watchful eye on Don. Assuming of course she’s not too busy fending off, or succumbing to, the advances of mysterious men who may-or-may-not have gotten word of this! (Fun Fact: A testament to the hotness of January Jones’ recent GQ cover was that news made its way back to the 60’s!)

If three seasons of MAD MEN have taught us anything, it’s those who forget about Pete Campbell (Note: Evil eyebrow raise!), do so at their own peril. Which is why we’re dedicating point #3 to the morally dubious one who seems to have allied himself with the equally underhanded Lane Pryce (Note: How quickly he dropped his British brethren last season!) where we have a feeling he’ll be spending the better part of his season stuck in the middle of Roger Sterling and Don Draper, playing one off the other for the benefit of the only thing he cares about: Himself.

Always the loyal lieutenant, Peggy Olson has cleverly (or depending on how the season pans out for him) not-so-cleverly allied herself firmly on “Team Don.” So much so that we can’t help but ask the painfully obvious albeit slightly juvenile question: Is this the season Peggy and Don become more than just co-workers? Probably not, considering Matthew Weiner insists that virtually every character remain depressingly morose. But hey, a TV Addict can dream right?

Which leaves us with our hero (or is it anti-hero?) Don Draper. Who as usual remains a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma. Needless to say, July 25 can’t come quickly enough.

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