Were you one of the million or so fans who checked out of ER after that helicopter landed on Dr. Romano? Well, now’s your chance to catch up on what you missed!

In celebration of its 13th season hitting store shelves earlier in the week — up for grabs today — is ER: THE COMPLETE THIRTEENTH SEASON. To enter win, simply let us know in the comments below when you jumped off the ER bandwagon. With serious bonus points if you were one of the few, the proud, the loyal who stuck with the show throughout all 15 seasons!

Three (yes 3!) winners will be chosen at random and notified via email on July 16th, so please be sure to enter using a valid email address. Not a winner? ER: THE COMPLETE THIRTEENTH SEASON is now available on Amazon for only $34.99.

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  • Ashley

    Watched this show for as long as I can remember – since when my parents thought it I was old enough to watch! Loved every season!

  • Sam

    I may have jumped *on* the ER bandwagon late (I think around season 6), but cut me some slack — I was 6 years old when the show premiered. Still remember having to watch the show on TAPE on Friday afternoons because my mom (who got me into the show) wouldn’t let me stay up to watch it 🙂

    …and I toughed it out until the very end! Started watching in middle school and was in college when it finally ended. My Thursday nights haven’t been the same since.

  • Heather

    I jumped off the ER bandwagon when Noah Wyle left. I think it was around Season 10 or 11. That was the last of the original main cast that I could stand watching leave. But I can’t wait to watch the seasons I missed!

  • Kelly

    I watched the entire series. I started when i was 7 and continued for 15 years.

  • angrodpallanen

    Haha, I caught ER throughout the years but season 15 was the only one I watched on a weekly base. It wasn't after that that I caught up on season 8 and beyond. Loved the ep with the helicopter though.

  • I almost gave up due to the annoying “Chloe”, then due to Sally Field, and finally due to the awful Africa episodes. But I stuck it out until the end.

  • Joined in season 9, my freshman year at college. I have since caught up by watching reruns on TNT and buying the older seasons on DVD. The Carter/Lucy stabbing is one of the greatest moments in TV history (not for what transpired, but for its impact). Romano losing his arm to a helicopter, and his life to another one, is also fantastic. I love(d) this show.

  • Dave

    yeah, the Africa episodes almost lost me … but I stuck around for every single episode to the very, very end … still one of the best TV relationships of my life.

  • Sarakruger14

    I stopped watching when Dr Green died

  • Eileprose

    I watched ER every week until Dr. Ross left to join up with Nurse Hathaway. After that I couldn't seem to catch it (pre tivo days) but I tuned back in for Dr. Greene's death. I saw an episode every now and then after that but I love to watch it in syndication. It seems like I can always jump back in no matter who is running the place.

  • I jumped off when Carter stopped being a regular. It just wasn't the same without him.

  • I watched until about season 8 but caught up on TNT with some of the later seasons.

  • Maggieb24

    I jumped off the bandwagon after season 12. I am not proud about this and it truly is one of my favorite shows of all time. I remember sitting down every Thursday night and watching the first 7 seasons with my Dad. Chloe was my dad's favorite character and Susan was mine. I sure hope to win and pickup where I left off. I need to catch up with all my friends at County General.

  • Krissy

    I stopped watching regularly after the 12th season, but I still tuned in from time to time.

  • Jessica

    I stopped watching one season after Greene died. I gave it a shot, but then it started to make me crazy. I would catch it randomly, but I definitely watched that finale. Also the one where Doug came back OF COURSE.

  • Jefferson

    I didn't jump off the band wagon. Watched all 15 seasons. Am I proud as you mentioned, debatable, but did indeed stick through to the bitter end.

  • Victoria

    I watched every single episode from the beginning. There are two seasons in there (10 & 11 maybe?) where I watched them during the summer after they aired but I was there with them for the rest.

  • I was too young to start watching this show when it first started airing, but once I caught it on TNT I was hooked. For many summers I would watch it for those two hours daily and slowly I caught up. But once Noah Wyle left, the main appeal of the show went with him.

  • miketief

    I watched from the beginning–and recorded every episode through the final one, editing the commercials out while I watched. I then bought every season as it came out on DVD…since their editing was a bit better than my own. (And I still say Kellie Martin got a raw deal.)

  • Aries

    I faithfully watched every season. I felt invested in it, and refused to give up, even when the revolving character door sped up.

  • Chris-wait

    Have since caught up on dvd but left originally when Lucky Knight bit the dust. So sad…no words.

  • I watched to the bitter end! Actually have to say I always enjoyed the show and was sad to see it end.

  • hilsto

    I'd watch a version that edited everything but Alex Kingston's scenes out.

  • Rhonda

    I still miss ER and hate that they took the reruns off TNT.

  • Sara

    I was just a little kid when ER started, but my mom watched it and I used to find any excuse to watch it so I could stay up past my bedtime, because 10:00 was WAY too late for me to be up. I remember pretty vividly talking her into letting me stay up late to watch the episode when they found out that Greene died, because all the commercials were like, “Don't Miss The First 5 Minutes!” I remember how upset she was and she stopped watching ER after that. I'm not sure when exactly I started watching on my own, I think it was around the time that Carter and Kovac were in Africa. I happened to turn it on and I saw how cute Kovac was and I remember how much my mom loved the show and I watched from then until the end.

  • ewanspotter

    I actually watched it until the end (ok, I missed a few in the last two seasons, but I was totally back for Carter's arc and the rest of the series). Everyone gave it crap for not being what it was, but even so, it was still immensely watchable.

  • Dr. Zaius

    Considering that I wasn't alive when the show premiered, I didn't hop on until summer of 2008 when TNT did reruns of the original seasons. I gave up, when it came to reruns, around season 6, but I still watched the final season and enjoyed it greatly. I think I might have even cried at the finale.

  • Johnsonkm20

    I jumped off the ER bandwagon around the time they kept sending Dr. Carter to Africa. Not sure what season, exactly.

  • Ryan

    The season premiere from this season was what got me hooked! I was way too young to ever follow the show, but I did in it's final season. Since then, I've bought the first six seasons on DVD, and can't wait to have all the sets! So sad that TNT stopped airing the reruns…

  • That would be a great promo. I'm a fan of ER and I want to win one of their 13th season DVD copy.