Unboxing a mystery we need YOUR help solving!

One of the definite perks to running one of the web’s most popular television blogs is that on any given day, you never know what’s going to show up at your door.

Sometimes it’s an exciting screener for a Fall pilot you’re dying to see (LONESTAR FTW!), sometimes — with apologies for the 50’s style AMERICAN IDOL TV tray that is continues to gather dust in our closet — it’s a bizarre promotional item that we have very little use for, and sometimes, in the case of this morning’s package, it’s a mystery that turns an ordinary Monday into, well, a slightly more exciting one.

For encased in this plain manila envelope (pictured above) is quite literally a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. See for yourself after the jump.

Inside the envelope was a a very damaged FlipUltra video camera haphazardly wrapped in foam with one simple instruction, “Play Me.”

Always a stickler for instructions, we of course did just that. What we found was a hastily put together video recorded by a young male in his mid-to-late 20’s leaving instructions (presumably for his friends/family) that included the following phrases:

“I don’t know if this recording is even going to work…”
“West coast got hit by something just a few minutes ago…”
“Whole country is going dark and it’s happening soon…”
“I’m getting people out of here…”
“Meet me…”
“I’m going to fight these things..…”I’m not going to let these things just kill us all…”

Needless to say, our curiosity has been piqued. Which is where you come in. If you’ve got a second, click here, see the video for yourself (by hovering your mouse over the letter “V”) and give us your best theory as to which Fall TV show (if any) is getting the V.I.S (Very Important Show) viral marketing treatment.

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  • egomaniac

    “one of the web’s most popular television blogs”


    did lebron james help you write that?

  • Rae

    Yep, TNT is based in GA.

  • I was going to say Falling Skies too. The Event doesn’t sound invasion-y.

  • Sara Z

    when you click on the torn paper on the bottom right it says QR code and then takes you to the wikipedia page, so maybe they will add a code soon?????

  • Is it for NBC's The Event?

  • That's my guess. NBC really needs a big breakout winner this may be step one of their promotional blitz

  • Agaliney

    thinking it's for NBC's the event

  • kammie78

    That was my guess too…

  • Astoriaboy25

    I'm thinking that if you hold that symbol thing up to your webcam it's an augmented reality thing. Try that…

  • Iagoalmeida

    it doesn't look like it, but.. V?

  • Pawdaw

    Says : Went to fiGht! SurVival is our destiny
    32° 44' N 117° 10' W

  • Dave

    Im thinking the event, and the last image looks like it could be a scan for an app in android market or a icon for Blackberry messenger or something. I'll try android if it will work.

  • Dave

    Nevermind scanned it and realized its just for the website that is written below it.. 😛

  • Rae

    I say Falling Skies. Altho the use of the V as a rollover did make me think of V. Based purely on promos, I don't quite see how it makes sense for it to be The Event. That show doesn't look like it's about this kind of “invasion”.

  • Rae,
    I'd like to retract my initial vote for NBC's THE EVENT and agree with you. Particularly because FALLING SKIES (the new Spielberg miniseries starring Noah Wylie) is a TNT show, which I believe is based on Georgia, and where this mysterious package originates from.

  • Dave

    I think the gps directions go to 400 W Nutmeg St. in San Diego, CA. That's at least what I get.

  • Rae

    Yeah, Dave, I think it's just supposed to be San Diego in general. Seems like it's a promotion specifically related to Comic-Con. (Which wouldn't help to narrow down the list of shows since all of the shows mentioned so far will be there.)

  • Sara Z

    If you go to the “G” there is some sort of countdown for 9 days which happens to be the preview night to comic con. Also if you type in the coordinates they are located in san diego, so it must be for some comic con event!!!!

  • Dave

    Also when you scroll over the G you get what looks like a countdown. -009-00-42-45-
    Looks like 9 days 0 hours 42 minutes from my time of 2:48. So 3:30 next wednsday? Not sure the significance.

  • Dave

    Yeah after looking it up the time I posted above looks like it would also coincide with that. AS it would be the preview day for comic con. The hours would seem off a little bit.

  • Dave

    I'm still thinking there will be another QR code on that site somewhere. The link on the slip of paper leads to the wiki for QR codes and in the source for the page there are links to many ways to scan QR codes. Why look for a QR code when you're already at the site when the only code we have seen is the one that leads to the site?

  • Nick

    Clearly a promo gadget for Hellcats.

  • Ace

    The people who voted for the new Spielberg show are right. 2ndmass.com is for Fallen Skies. Hopefully the show will be as good as their marketing scheme.

  • Dave

    Thinking that or there may be one hidden on the page already. The background to the left looks kind of odd/pixelated almost in a way a QR code is. Also when I take the barcode scanner over the page little dots appear as if it finds a piece of a code but not the whole thing.

  • I thought it was The Event, I didn't even know about Falling Skies..