Exclusive: The Curious Case of CBS’ Recent Hiring and Firing Practices!

  • Upset fan!

    Oh so true. CBS’ treatment of their ladies lately is atrocious. I for one don’t plan on supporting this network. And to think they were recently called before Congress to testify about diversity on their network. Shame on you CBS.

  • kevin

    i think you might mean “recent” changes, and not “reason” changes. funny stuff though!

  • The terms 'Felony menacing' and 'Criminal mischief' tickle me.

  • Natalie_d2008


  • The freelance editing is much appreciated!

  • Pissed Off Fan

    Well it will come back to bite CBS in the ass at some point! Either the FCC will hit them or the fans will hit them by not watching their shows! It is rediculous! Every time they say “creative reasons” or “refresh a show” I laugh b/c what they really mean is “budget cut” “fired” and “pay cut.” I can't wait to see what happens to the ratings for the shows they have decided to screw with.

    And why is it always the women???

  • Amy_D259

    Very pissed about AJ Cook and Paget Brewster

  • Dlcrawford

    You forgot to put a red check next to drug possession. As I recall Gary was fired as well, although it does seem that they are tossing the pink slips in the direction of a lot more women than men. But maybe not if you include the entire casts of Cold Case and Numb3rs which both won their time slots quite handily most of the time. Maybe they have the wrong impression of why it is called the “pink” slip.

  • Amaia

    Did the cast of “Cold Case” want more money and the CBS didn't give them? C'mon CBS what are you playing to?? And sure Paget, AJ, and Melina earn a lot less money that their male castmates and that's not fair. I'm a Spanish girl upset with the CBS, I thought they were a more serious channel.

  • Eddie Cibrian, Liz Vassey to add a few to the list of cuts. I am so disappointed in CBS, especially considering their keeping Charlie Sheen around to play an exaggerated form of his own reject personality.

  • Ace

    I'm not sure it is a recent thing for CBS. I am not a big fan of NCIS, but it always seems like I am hearing that they have killed off another one of their female leads.

    And I'm all for giving people second chances (see Robert Downey Jr.) but this is Charlie Sheen's 75th. It is sad to me that anyone still watches that show.

  • Pissed and Not Watching Again

    I have only recently become a fan but this is just pissing me off!!! I liked JJ from the start, and Emily as grown a whole lot on me. It will be bad without AJ, but once Paget is gone, I am not watching anymore.

  • Holypoetfly

    CBS does not like their women! Their recent treatment is atrocious. I was mad when they reduced Paget Brewster's role, fired AJ Cook, and fired Melina Kanakaredes. But my hatred toward CBS has grown.

    Shame on CBS! I hope that you are fined once again, and your ratings will go down!

  • Vicky

    It's because of their firing and hiring practices that I'm refusing to watch anything on this station, which includes a couple of my favorite shows (Big Bang, Criminal Minds, CSI). I can't support a network that refuses to support or acknowledge the role in success actresses have.

  • Great job, asshole cbs deserves that picture! 😉

  • SMacked_will_live_on!

    NO.FAIR!!!! Melina Kanakaredes fired? WTH is going on? first was Criminal Minds now CSI:NY, have they all totally lost their minds????? this calls for RIOT!!!! on my part i'm not watching next CSI:NY season…

  • Amaiaia

    For me, it'll be hard to watch the series without Paget. I hope next year she could get a new contract. Who knows, maybe the chiefs from the CBS change their mind.