Sunday Silliness

While we’re hesitant to criticize anything that encourages fellow TV Addict’s to check out BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and/or FRINGE, we can’t help but wonder — after coming across this Apple iTunes Store promotion for “Great TV Sci-Fi” earlier in the day — if one of these shows doesn’t quite belong! Discuss.

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  • If you think any of those constitute great science fiction, you need to get out more. BSG was great – until the ending. Fringe jumped the shark a few episode into its first season. Heroes lasted a few more episode, but still isn't worth the time.

  • joshemerson

    It does say it's for first seasons, and Heroes had a great first season. So technically it could fit.

  • Hey Lay off the Heroes…. 🙂 It was the closest I got to Comic book silliness on live action TV with decent sci fi effects……

  • Denym

    I think the question here should really be why is heroes lined up with the greatest sci fi television show in history – Battlestar Galacigasim

  • Ace

    That's exactly what I was going to say. First season of Heroes was great.

  • Asdf

    i love all three…