Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons to tune into DEGRASSI: THE HEAT IS ON

Since its groundbreaking introduction on the Canadian airwaves over twenty years ago, DEGRASSI has never shied away from touchy subjects and tonight’s movie event is no exception. Seriously. If you thought abortion, date rape and school shootings were risqué, just wait until you get a load of what Declan’s sister Fiona is struggling with. In a word, “Ewwwwwwwww!”

The Hangover.
Luckily for fans of two of DEGRASSI’s most iconic characters, what happens in Niagara Falls doesn’t stay in Niagara Falls. Particularly when a night of drunken debauchery culminates in one of the most random weddings in the show’s history complete with a very SAVED BY THE BELL: WEDDING IN LAS VEGAS-esque cameo by a much beloved character who we haven’t seen in years.

Kids Say the Darndest Things.
Only Holly J. Sinclair would have the audacity to assume that her ‘anchor work’ at her small Toronto high school would warrant her an on air spot on TVM (DEGRASSI’s Version of MTV). No joke, Holly J, you complete us.

Cameo Alert!
Out: Perez Hilton. In: Your source for advanced celebrity dish Lainey Gossip, who gets a much-deserved turn to show off her acting chops. Oh, and she’s not the only C-list celebrity who pops by. Fans can also expect a cameo by TOP MODEL’s Jay Manuel and a more substantial role for MTV Canada’s Jessi Cruickshank who does her best impersonation of a TVM on-air personality.

Fond Farewells.
Whereas DEGRASSI GOES HOLLYWOOD was an opportunity to bid adieu to original series stars Lauren Collins (Page), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), Stacey Farber (Ellie), and Jake Epstein (Craig), tonight’s movie serves as a fond farewell to Paula Brancati (Jane), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), and a possible goodbye to original series stars Miriam McDonald (Emma), Cassie Steele (Manny), Spinner (Shane Kippel) and Jay (Mike Lobel). Well that, or as my Canadian cohort to the West cleverly observed, a no-brainer spin-off of their very own!

DEGRASSI: TAKES MANHATTAN THE HEAT IS ON airs tonight at 9PM on Teen Nick. Canadians who missed Friday’s broadcast can catch it online on demand at

  • Nick

    Talk about genius. Making Degrassi into a daily soap/telenova is the perfect way to keep the longrunning franchise fresh and relevant.

    The CW could take a page from the Degrassi playbook. They are re-running old Tyra shows in the 3pm slot they own on affiliates this fall, and returning the 4pm slot to the affiliates. How cool would it be to round up some “unknown” actors, like Degrassi does, churn out some cutting-edge soap themes (there are certainly a lot of unemployed soap writers)…and make The CW a network to actually….ahem, “talk about.” You've gotta do more than just talk the talk, CW. A little more “walking” and creativity would be nice.

  • joshemerson

    I kind of wish I hadn't read this. I'm gonna go watch the movie on my DVR and I would have been completely blind to what it includes!

    I used to love Jane but then she became a whore, so I'm okay with her leaving. LOL I'm a bit surprised Spinner might be leaving. It seems like he was gonna be in a retirement home before they took him off the show.

  • Ggny

    omg dear god that movie was epic probly the most out of the blue wedding/couple ive ever seen on tv

  • Ggny

    Also i would totally watch a Spinner/Emma and Jay/Manny spinoff and i think there needs to be one

    and did anyone else notice the fake Toby? I thought that was hilarious

  • I didn't notice fake Toby? Please explain!

  • Ggny

    he was hiding behind liberty at the wedding and even danced with her in the back round

  • Nick

    Okay, for those of us “U.S. Americans,” as Miss Teen S.C calls us, I'm dying to know what risque thing Fiona was “struggling with.” VD, incest, acne, lice, loose bowels? What could prompt the “ewwww?” Fill us in.