Today’s TV Addict Top 5: TV Head-Scratchers!

DEGRASSI Takes Manhattan (and isn’t leaving!)
As much as we are enjoying this recent influx of DEGRASSI episodes courtesy of its new-and-improved Telenovela-style format, we can’t help but wonder if we’re the only TV Addicts not completely sold on this whole Vanderbilt Prep thing? Crazy abusive student body-aside, if we wanted to watch a show about spoiled wealthy New Yorker’s making really poor decision, isn’t that what GOSSIP GIRL is for?

Not WILDE About Guest Stars.
Despite our affection for everybody involved in FOX’s upcoming [and we should mention very funny] new Fall series RUNNING WILDE both in front of (Will Arnett, Keri Russell) and behind (Creator Mitchell Hurwitz) the camera, we find ourselves asking the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: What are the proverbial powers that be at FOX are thinking? Sure, an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT reunion that has David Cross joining the Will Arnett laugher for seven of the show’s first 13 episodes may make for a catchy headline, unfortunately, if there is one thing 3 ratings starved seasons of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT taught us it’s that online chatter doesn’t quite translate into viewers. Just ask Joss Whedon.

The success of Olivia Munn.
Cute, yes. Hard worker, absolutely. But talented actress? Evidently CHUCK co-creator Josh Schwartz — who just recently let it slip to EW’s Michael Ausiello that Munn will guest star on the show’s upcoming fourth season premiere as “an impossibly cool, smart, and pretty CIA agent who intimidates Chuck and Morgan” has yet to see her slightly less that stellar work on THE DAILY SHOW. We’re just sayin’

GENERAL Lack of Creativity.
Why GENERAL HOSPITAL didn’t bother to write a decent story for James Franco’s return. So far, the tale has consisted of people endlessly uttering the words “sixty-six” while the actor’s alter ego, conveniently named Franco, pops up to share conversations with people who should be smart enough to have protection, what with knowing a serial killer is on the loose. GENERAL HOSPITAL we’ve got two words for you: “Bor-ing!”

Sony Pictures Television works hard for their money.
From the critically derided ‘TIL DEATH (Which inexplicably remained on FOX’s schedule for the better part of four seasons) and RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (Which by the way, we still have yet to meet one person who actually watches) to TBS’ MY BOYS (Which much to the chagrin of stars Jordana Spiro and Kyle Howard — who were forced to bow out of high profile Fall pilots — refuses do die) and DAMAGES (Which just found itself on the very unexpected receiving end of an eleventh hour reprieve courtesy of our favorite Satellite provider DirecTV) Sony Pictures Television’s track record for keeping their programming on the air remains one of television’s biggest (and in the case of DAMAGES, most welcome) mysteries.

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  • Awww, I like My Boys!

  • Stillwattersonline

    I love Rules of Engagement. I wish the young couple would be taken off the show but everyone else is hilarious, especially the guy who used to play Elaine's boyfriend on Seinfeld. He cracks me up (and steals every scene if you ask me).

  • Nothing against MY BOYS, it's just a shame that its stars have had to turn down some very high profile roles while TBS mulls whether or not they're bringing it back for another season.

  • Admittedly I have a weakness for David Spade from his JUST SHOOT ME days. Nice to know I'm not alone in watching the little-CBS-show-that-could.

  • Right on. Can't really argue with that. TBS loves to just hang onto those options and keep the cast in limbo.

  • Nick

    First, you did not just diss the idea of David Cross on Running Wilde, did you? David Cross on anything is must-see TV. This is, seriously, the ONLY new show on FOX I'm looking forward to. (Take that, Marc Berman. I'm sick of your weekly MediaWeek jabs about how this comedy as a “slim and none” chance of drawing viewers. Geez, give it a rest.)

    And second…Rules of Engagement is funnier that 2-1/2 Men and HIMYM. Although I don't make it a point to watch any of the 3.