Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons This Summer’s BIG BROTHER Is a Big Bust

Worst. Alliance. Ever.
Folks, learn a lesson here: Never let a guy who gives himself the nickname Meow-Meow name your group. Chilltown? Great name. The Brigade? Not so much.
Too Much Whine
Britney and Monet are two of the most annoying creatures ever admitted to the BIG BROTHER house, and that’s saying something.

The House
For the past few seasons, the show’s one and only setting has remained virtually unchanged. If we’re expected to spend three nights a week hanging out with the houseguests, the least CBS could do is put them in a more interesting setting.
The “Big Twist”
How ticked must CBS have been when the very first houseguest given the boot was Annie… aka the much-touted “saboteur.”
Julie Chen
For the love of God, why does CBS continue to allow the despised Chenbot to host… I’m sorry, what? Her husband is who? Really? The president of CBS? Oh. Hey, wait, didn’t we just read that the show replacing AS THE WORLD TURNS — you know, one of the longest running dramas in broadcast history — is being co-hosted by Chen? Wow. It’s all making sense now…

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  • Joolia

    I’ve been saying for YEARS that Julie Chen should be fired. She is one of the WORST HOSTS E-V-E-R. I don’t care who she’s married to, she’s awful!

    And yes, this season is terrible all-around. The contestants are morons, the twist was great, but Annie got evicted the first week, so what else are they going to do? Ugh, terrible, terrible, terrible season. I only tune in to the end of each episode to see what happened.

  • LuckyFish11

    I was just talking about how this season sucks! After Dark is AWFUL!!! I didn't think I would ever say this, but i think i miss Chima. Atleast she made things interesting…

    A power move needs to be made, although i don't think anyone in this house is smart enough to figure out what a “power move” is!

  • Amy_D259

    I swear, the BB casts get dumber each year.

  • WandaCal

    Not to take away from the awfulness that is BB, but I also think we're a bit spoiled after last season's fabulous cast! (I'll always forever be a Ronnie fan). I seem to have this same illness with “The Real Housewives” franchise – New York City was so cool and then along comes Jersey. Ugh.

  • Dee

    house of white trash?

  • AJ

    since their “twist” ended so quickly, maybe they should let US pick a weekly saboteur. their america's choice options are consistently LAME!!!!! if american idol can come up with millions of votes counted overnight, why does it take BB days to count hundreds???

    I think the biggest problem is that all of the action is thursday, friday and saturday but doesn't air accordingly!!! the feeds are only interesting from the live show until the pov meeting. after that, there is 4 days of dead air, I mean people laying around sleeping.

  • As a long time Big Brother Fan, I can agree that this season leaves a lot to be desired. I just think this season's cast is annoying, especially Rachel's laugh (I can't STAND it anymore!).

  • Jamie

    At least they didnt name themselves the “Four Horsemen”. That was the worst alliance ever!