Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Cool TV-Related Comic Con News!

Awesome poster design!
With apologies in advance to the team of highly paid marketing and design experts who more than likely spent the better part of the past two months leading up to Comic Con holed up in a conference room creating the “Official” War Games-inspired poster for CHUCK, our vote goes to super-fan Ivette Gonzalez, whose submission to the 2010 CHUCK Comic-Con Poster contest won her a much-deserved runner-up accolade for her minimalist and clever approach.

Mark your calendar
When we last left Dexter Morgan, he was covered in a pool of you-know-whose blood. What happens next, well, that’s the good news. Turns out, unlike previous years where fans had to wait until late September or early October for the return of America’s favorite serial killer, DEXTER’s fifth season is scheduled to premiere on September 26th. Which means we’re just a little over a month away from learning what the heck Dexter was thinking when he [Spoiler Alert!] confessed to Rita’s murder!
Correction: Was just informed DEXTER Season Five will be premiering on September 26th. D’oh!

Deal Another Day
Despite most fans and critics assertion that WEEDS’ best days are behind them, the continuing adventures of the Botwin clan still remains one of our favorite shows. Which is why we were thrilled that executive producer Victoria Morrow, who was on hand at San Diego Comic Con yesterday to discuss the show, unequivocally answered, “No!” when pressed by a fan as to whether or not this upcoming season (that kicks off August 16) will be the series’ last.

Axe to the Future
From the department of there is not such thing as too much Bruce Campbell comes the surprise announcement that has USA has finally green-lit a one-time two-hour prequel revolving around Campbell’s Sam Axe. Teased creator Matt Nix, “You will see how Sam Axe ended up retiring in Miami, learn a little more about the guy, and we get to see Sam Axe in action with guns.” Added Campbell, “I have to say that USA finally got their sh– together.”

Not coming to a small screen near you anytime soon will be…
FRINGE in 3D! At least if co-creator J.J. Abrams has anything to say about it. Turns out, the auteur is on “Team TV Addict’ when it comes to the technology that Hollywood executives can’t seem to get enough of. “The thing that drives me crazy about 3-D is that when you put on the glasses, everything seems dim,ā€ said Abrams during Entertainment Weekly’s Visionaries panel. ā€œIā€™m not totally on board yet.ā€ Can we get an “Amen Brotha!”

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