32 Reasons Why We’re Kicking Ourselves for Missing Comic Con This Year!

Just when we thought we couldn’t get anymore depressed about missing this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we wake up to this: An email from our good friends at Warner Bros sharing more than a few photos of some of your favorite WBTV stars. 32 of which you can get a closer look of — including some very fine snapshots of Morena Baccarin, Paul Wesley, Josh Jackson, Anna Paquin, among others — after the jump.

  • Nick

    Never realized just how good-looking the entire Vampire Diaries cast is until you see them lined up like that.

    TBBT's Leonard really needs a new hairstyle. Johnny, comb it “down,” not higher and further back.

    Also, Scott, Morena and Elizabeth make “V” worth watching. Those three are so compelling on the show.

  • Sheindie

    Best EVER pics from SDCC! … thank you!

  • Seeing these pictures, I definitely need a real camera for next year–the iPhone camera looks like crap once you zoom in.