• Let the hype begin, as io9 calls THE EVENT your next mystery scifi osbsession.
• Attention FRINGE Fanatics, here’s a fantastic live-blog of from Saturday’s Comic Con panel.
• She’ll be back! And by that we mean, Terminator’s Linda Hamilton will be back on your televisions this fall playing Mary Bartowski in CHUCK’s fourth season premiere.
• Does DEGRASSI make the grade? recaps the first week of new episodes.
• Giving us a reason to actually tune into NBC’s latest LAW & ORDER spinoff, Alfred Molina to join Skeet Ulrich in Los Angeles.

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  • Hopefully this new sci-fi obsession goes better than the last one did *cough cough* flash forward *cough cough*

  • Nick

    Yeah, sorry NBC…no more sci-fi obsessions for me. After 6 years, I'm free.

  • Linda B.

    I agree. It's hard to get on board w/ these scifi, what's the big mystery type shows because they are never given much of a chance and then they get cancelled. I may wait to start watching The Event til it looks like it will succeed.