Today’s TV Addict Top 5: GLEE, SMALLVILLE, COMMUNITY, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and FRINGE Spoilers Direct from San Diego Comic Con 2010

Giving fans of the hit FOX show something to really be GLEEful about was creator Ryan Murphy, who during Sunday’s Comic-Con panel celebrating the series uttered the one phrase that is music to our ears. Namely, that the second season will bring with it a greater emphasis on individual characters (like Brittany and Mike Chang, the latter of whom will become the object of Tina’s affection) over massive production numbers (From five per episode down from eight). Also helping the series defy gravity a sophomore slump will be the return of Popular (or is it Wicked?) guest stars Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, along with episodes revolving around “Britney Spears” and the “Rocky Horror” picture show.

Move over Barney Stinson, next season, a far more Legen… wait for it… dary television star will be suiting up. Translation: After 9 agonizing years of waiting, Clark Kent will finally break SMALLVILLE’s self-imposed no-tights-no-flights” policy by doing both. “There are some people who don’t like the fact that we’ve waited this long to do the suit or become Superman,” said Tom Welling in an interview with “You also have to understand that if we had done that in Season 1, we would’ve been done. The fact that we’ve lasted this long is because we’ve struggled and tried to put off the inevitable this long.”

If NBC’s’ COMMUNITY gets crushed by the ratings juggernaut that is THE BIG BANG THEORY in its new Thursday night at 8PM timeslot this fall, it certainly won’t be due to a lack of effort. Not only has creator Dan Harmon smooth-talked America’s sweetheart Betty White into a high profile season premiere guest spot, the show will go where no man has gone before: Space! Okay, not really. That said, in an effort to top last season’s epic Modern Warfare episode that had the entirety of Glendale’s student body engaged in an epic Paint Ball War to the death, the sophomore season’s fourth episode will feature a homage to Apollo 13. Errr… Abed, we have a problem.

Spoilers are to THE VAMPIRE DIARIES executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec like light is to actual Vampires. Suffice to say, they’re not fans. Luckily, the combined power of a roomful of loyal viewers clamouring for answers following last season’s jaw-dropper of an ending did compel the talented twosome to reveal a few interesting tidbits during this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con panel for the CW smash. Namely, Jeremy (“He’s either going to wake up alive or he’s going to wake up dead. But he is going to wake up,” said Plec), and Katherine (“Katherine and Stefan come face to face [in the first episode back],” teased Williamson. “There’s another part of the [back]story we haven’t shown you.”]) and Werewolves Oh My! (According to Williamson fans will definitely be seeing them in the first half of the season!)

Despite executive producer Jeff Pinkner’s assertion that the theme for FRINGE’s third season will be “the road not taken,” we can’t help but think it should be “More!” No really. If the intel we gleaned from those lucky enough to be inside the jam-packed San Diego Comic Con panel over the weekend is any indication, fans can expect more time in the alternate universe (“Olivia wants to be the best, while Alt-Olivia just wants to win,” said Anna Torv on the subtle difference between the two characters), more Astrid (“You’ll get more insight into who she is,” promises her portrayer Jasika Nicole), more mythology (along the lines of last season’s “White Tulip” which the network sites as the model for combining standalone stories with mythology), and if we’re very very lucky, more William Bell (“Should we be able to convince him to come out of retirement, we have another story to tell,” said executive producer Jeff Pinker).

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    I am so excited about Fringe coming back. Glad to hear they had a good Comic Con.

  • Smallville is the best.