Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows We Love… Despite Not Knowing The Character’s Names

Sometimes, no matter how much we enjoy a show, it’s tough to take to friends about because, well, we find it difficult to put names to the faces of the characters. So we wind up saying, “Oh my God, how cool was it when that girl, you know, the one with the drug problem? Hooked up with the guy who always has bad hair!” Here, in no particular order, are shows we watch every week… but would be hard-pressed to talk about without IMDB’s help.

The lead chick’s name is Aria. That’s pretty memorable. Otherwise, it’s the bisexual girl, the one whose mom was on both versions of MELROSE PLACE, the blind one and the girl who is already on, like, her third potential love interest.

Lifetime’s feel-good female-centric drama is as easy to ingest as comfort food. As for our favorite wife, it’s hard to choose between the woman who was blown up on a jet ski on ALL MY CHILDREN and the fiesty southern woman who isn’t the fiesty southern one who is divorcing her husband.

Vampires and witches and succubi… oh my! Character names? Um, there’s the vampire couple… and the witch who runs a spa… and the teenage succubus…

Okay, confession time: Sometimes, we forget which is Sam and which is Dean. Come on! It’s tough! I mean, the one who plays Sam used to play Dean on GILMORE GIRLS!

Sure, we know the ubiquitous Heidi and Spencer. People living in caves probably know the civility-challenged, surgically-enhanced, reality-eschewing pair who are more harmful to organized religion than the freaks at Westboro Baptist Church. But Lauren, Kristin, Audrina and Lo are as indistinguishable from one another as they are from actual living, breathing human beings.

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  • anonymous

    actually, we NEVER confuse Sam and Dean.

  • grumpiestoldman

    No, on Army Wives, Pamela is the one with the abundant natural endowment. And the other is the chick from NYPD Blue.

  • lindseymorrison

    I have to admit that I love Pretty Little Liars…I do not know their names yet, but I know Aria off hand. That's Lucy Hale! I love her in any show…well, since Privilaged

  • About Supernatural, that is just wrong.

  • AHA

    I had the same problem with Supernatural for a long time! And also because of Gilmore Girls.. Slowly Jared became Sam/Sammy since Jensen frequently emphasized it.

  • Supernatural?! NEVER! I couldn't confuse those two!

    Pretty Little Liars took me a while, but I think I am set now.

    And The Gates… yeah, I still have no clue who is who.