Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Hysterical Things Uttered by Lane on BIG BROTHER Last Night

While the 12th season of BIG BROTHER is turning out to be a major snoozefest, last night we were at least kept entertained by the unexpectedly entertaining things said by Lane, the Texas boy who until now has been relatively quiet. 

Upon seeing a statue of a unicorn: “I’ve seen a lot of horses in my life, and none of them have had a horn growing out of their forehead.”

On his love of guns: “It?s not uncommon to see a gun in someone’s car or someone’s truck. It doesn?t mean we?re going to go rob a bank. You know, we might be bored that day and want to go shoot a turtle!” 

Explaining a favorite hobby: “You’ll have 10 people with rifles and a case of beer, riding through a pasture at nighttime with a spotlight. An’ you shine it in the trees and when you see eyes, you shoot it. An’ you just go out there and kill stuff.” 

And the one that doesn?t even need an explanation: “I didn’t know Jewish guys wore ninja outfits when they prayed. That’s the good thing about being in BIG BROTHER. You know, I can learn different cultures and how they work.” 

On his home state, Texas: “We’re a state, we have laws, too!”

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  • Yeah that was pretty funny

  • LuckyFish11

    so funny! I swear his and Britney's comments are what are making this season bearable!