Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Big news stories we missed while waiting in line for 12 $#@!#^! Hours for an iPhone 4 (FYI: Totally Worth It!)

Live from New York it’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 30 ROCK! Which on October 14 will broadcast from the hallowed halls of Studio 8H in a not-so-subtle attempt on behalf of the Peacock Network to attract additional eyeballs to the critically lauded, albeit ratings anemic series. Explained NBC Prime-time President Angela Bromstad during her “State of the Network” address at the semi-annual Television Critics Association Press in Beverly Hills. “Tina [Fey] is up for it, we’re were just doing as much as we can to garner attention for the shows and stay true to them creatively.”

Following in the recent footsteps of a slew of highly watchable actors who deserve better (including Alfred Molina, Sela Ward and Skeet Ulrich) comes the news that Oscar nominee Terrence Howard has signed on to NBC’s Los Angeles based LAW & ORDER spin-off. According to an NBC press release, Howard will portray a district attorney and will share the position with Alfred Molina, who plays Deputy District Attorney Morales, in alternate episodes. According to us, somebody needs to find himself a new agent.

If When COMMUNITY gets its clock cleaned in the ratings department by new timeslot competitor THE BIG BANG THEORY, it certainly won’t be due to a lack of (a) effort, or (b) guest stars. For joining Betty White this Fall will not only be Drew Carey, who will pop by Greendale Community College in the third episode of the season to play a former co-worker of Jeff’s from his old Law firm days, but Rob Corddry as well. In other far-less exciting guest stars news, Kathy Bates will reprise her role on THE OFFICE, while Rob Lowe has been promoted from guest star to series regular on PARKS AND RECREATION.

Good news everyone! It has finally dawned on Network executives that premiering every single series within a one week span each other may not be the best way in which to attract the optimum number of viewers. Which is why NBC, in the hopes of getting a jump on a jam-packed week of premieres announced on Friday that it will harness the power of AMERICA’s GOT TALENT to launch both PARENTHOOD and the new Jimmy Smitts starrer Outlaws on September 14 and 15 respectively.

From the files of “Officially Dead,” are LAW & ORDER (Original Recipe), DAY ONE, HEROES and Dermot Mulroney’s career. According to Bromstad, David Shore is currently in the process of reworking his ROCKFORD FILES with sans Mulroney. Meanwhile, in other reboot news, PRIME SUSPECT has been resurrected under the stewardship of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS executive producer Peter Berg.

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  • joshemerson

    You seriously waited in line for an iPhone?? lol

  • Retina display… *totally* worth it 🙂

  • chels725

    According to my Community swag, it's Greendale Community College.

  • Ace

    Am I the only one who really really disliked Katy Bates on The Office? There were enough horrible things last season w/out adding her annoying character on top of it.

    If they insist on redoing the Rockford Files, the least they could do is hire Josh Holloway.

  • Thanks for the freelance edit!

  • chels725

    No problem. I just happen to have been wearing my Greendale Community College hoodie while drinking from my Troy & Abed in the morning mug when I read this.