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  • Ali

    WTF is right..

  • Raytard

    Mad Men has about as much diversity as a snow storm. Jersey Shore may not be what you consider ~high brow~ but give me a break acting like Mad Men is all that intellectual.

    People who are tv snobs are about as dumb as the people on the Jersey Shore. Both shows are completely stupid and a waste of time. Herp derp more people like watching a stupider show than I do therefore I’m intellectually superior!!!!

    Its people like you who travel and make everyone else in the world hate us. Jesus Christ.

  • stfuc

    Damn right

  • Wilma

    I am the oddity that watches BOTH of these shows! That being said, I believe Mad Men is the much higher quality show that deserves to been seen.

    This week, I watched, live, the season premier of Jersey Shore, but not the premier of Mad Men.

    This is because it’s really easy to just jump into J.S. without knowing what happened last season. However, with Mad Men I watch the series on DVD and aren’t caught up yet, so I didn’t watch the premier. Mad Men is a show that deserves to be watched carefully and with attention. Jersey Shore is to be while half asleep, so it’s a lot easier to just watch.

    Perhaps an explanation???

  • I don't believe any kind of viewership “stats”–I don't know anyone who watches either Jersey Shore or 2.5 Men bur soppisedlt they have high viewerships. Also, no one has asked me if I watched Mad Men.

  • it upsets me because it gives jersey a worse name than it already has. no one on that show is what people are from jersey are actually like. not atleast the part of jersey where i come from.

  • Oh yes you're oh so clever because you watch the oh so brilliant Mad Men. Or maybe your just incredibly pretentious and can't appreciate the fact that people want to be entertained when they watch TV. Please tell me what's wrong with that.

  • Aries

    Could some of it be accessibility? Jersey Shore is on a regular cable channel in the US, right? I'm in Canada, so I'm entirely sure, but I do know that Mad Men is on AMC, which you need to subscribe to outside of regular channels, correct? This might be a deterrent to many people.

  • Jossiereveles

    Yeah, it's easy, Jersey shore is for lazy stupid people, and since we're packed of those.

    In general it is a stupid country

  • kids do not like thinking but they do like oily tanned bodies.

  • Easy answer DVR/TiVO….ppl arnt recording JS…but they are Mad Men. Get me those #'s and we can have a debate

  • athena0606

    lol soo true its sad it really is.