Blogger Beat Down: Too Much TV *May* Have Gotten to EW Critic Ken Tucker!

The subject of this week’s ‘Blogger Beat Down’ is… Entertainment Weekly TV Critic extraordinaire Ken Tucker, who last week put forth the opinion that hot on the heels of Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres’ exit, it might behoove FOX to cancel AMERICAN IDOL, “since it’s looking more and more as though it’s going to be a hollow shell of its hollow shell.”

Our Take: Despite coming off what many, including your very own TV Addict, have called AMERICAN IDOL’s least entertaining season-to-date (thanks in no small part to an overcrowded judges table and a disappointing crop of contestants) nothing says “not smarter than a fifth grader” than canceling what remains an undisputed ratings juggernaut. Case in point last May’s IDOL finale, which saw whatshisname and whatsherface square off for a Ford Fiesta the right to be called America’s next Idol still managed to attract a whopping 24.2 million viewers. Which, in today’s increasingly competitive television landscape where 10 million viewers is deemed a smash (see: MODERN FAMILY) is music to a Network executive’s ears (even more-so to a Network bean counters!) Heck, even if the show were to lose half of its audience (which we wouldn’t count on as a result of the increased interest surrounding the yet-to-be-named new panel of judges), IDOL would still would remain one of primetime’s most desirable properties courtesy of its popularity amongst the advertiser’s holy grail that is the 18-49 demographic. Plus, when Simon Cowell’s X-FACTOR does arrive next Fall and Fox invariably moves IDOL back to summer, there will be even less pressure for the aging license to print money to perform. TV Addict, Out!

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  • joshemerson

    I agree with you, except about Idol moving to summer. I think Fox will most likely program it so that X-Factor is on every fall and Idol is on every winter/spring. They aren't going to run two seasons of X-Factor every TV season.