Analyze This: Justin Bieber on the Set of CSI

justin bieber csi

The purpose of this post is to…
a) Stay on top of the TV news by sharing this first official look at Justin Bieber on the set of CSI.
b) Shamelessly improve our search engine ranking by penning a headline with the words “Justin” and “Bieber.”
c) Irresponsibly start a malicious rumor that this photo is actually an attempt by Bieber’s “Camp” to send those pesky Jonas Brothers a message, “You’re [careers are] Next!”
d) All of the above.

[Hat Tip: The Live Feed]

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  • shanna

    Because I have the “Shaving Beiber” plug-in half of this was cut out. Thanks Shaving Beiber!

  • angrodpallanen

    Because readers can spend the rest of their day figuring out which of the two actually is Justin Bieber.