Today’s Pet Peeve that has us Steaming MAD!

Don Draper is why high definition television was invented. Unfortunately, thanks to our good-for-nothing cable provider, this TV Addict (who, on a monthly basis, shells out more money than we care to think about) has no choice but to watch AMC’s MAD MEN in… brace yourself… standard definition! A horrifying reality that naturally begs the question: Is there anything more infuriating in the ubiquitous flat-screen era in which we thankfully find ourselves living in than being forced to watch [Insert your favorite show here] in standard definition? We think not. Discuss.

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  • Glenn

    Totally agree. DirecTv told me months ago that later this year AMC would be in HD. Great. Thanks for nothing. Maybe it will be just in time for the return of Breaking Bad in July 2011.

  • Makila

    well I have att uverse and in my area they don't even have AMC. total bs

  • joshemerson

    Something worse IMO is having to watch your show in standard definition AND censored in both language and nudity. Watching Being Human on BBC America is completely pointless. I downloaded it so I could watch the whole season in a few days anyway, but this certainly made my decision easier.

  • Glenn

    Just received a response for DIRECTV after the original concern over lack of HD for AMC (I hate when they blame Rainbow Media):

    “Thanks for writing. I understand your concern about getting AMC in HD. We would like to inform you that we do not offer AMC HD at this time but we continue to have discussions with Rainbow Media, the owner of AMC, about adding the HD version of the channel. Stay tuned to to keep up with the latest HD news.”