Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with GREY’S ANATOMY Star Kim Raver

kim raver bond of silence

For someone promoting a film called BOND OF SILENCE, actress Kim Raver is mighty chatty. Which, as luck would have it, is great news for not only GREY’S ANATOMY fans still reeling from last May’s shocking Seattle Grace shoot-em-up, but those looking forward to Raver’s upcoming Lifetime original movie BOND OF SILENCE. See for yourself after the jump, when Raver was kind enough to take a few minutes from her very busy schedule to talk to reporters about what’s next for Teddy on GREY’s and what it was like stepping into the shoes of Katy McIntosh, a woman who desperately searches for answers when her husband (David Cubitt) is mysteriously murdered while trying to quell a wild teenage house party on New Year’s Eve.

After a full season on GREY’S ANATOMY, what was it about BOND OF SILENCE that enticed you to give up your vacation time and tackle the role?
Kim Raver: I love doing new projects and I definitely was looking for something that I found compelling enough to take away from vacation time. I had never done a real-life story and I thought BOND OF SILENCE was really interesting. The turning point came when I read Katy Hutchison’s book and how she handled the tragedy. We all deal with certain things in our lives and how she was sort of able to turn around what happened to her husband, well, I don’t know many people who would be able to go through something like that. Her ability to forgive is what really intrigued me about this project and kind of a key factor.

Was it challenging to go to such a dark place?
I knew emotionally I had to be in this dark place for a long time but I don’t think I fully got it until I got on set. I was so lucky to have Greg Grunberg [Playing Detective Paul Jackson] because he’s hilarious. Really belly laughing hilarious and on these movies when you’re working so hard and for such long hours I was so grateful to have him up there.

Anything you can tease about Teddy’s journey this season on GREY’S ANATOMY?
I’m happy to report that things change very quickly on GREY’S ANATOMY. And while I don’t want to say too much — for fear of losing my job – the love triangle [between Teddy, Owen and Christina] seems to be over in the first couple of episodes. And while I’m very sad for Teddy, I think it will be nice to see her have her own life and romantic interest.

Would said romantic interest have anything to do with the arrival of James Tupper, who is said to be playing a Trauma Counsellor brought in to help the Hospital recover from last season’s shocking finale?
There is something definitely happening with the wonderfully charming and handsome James Tupper. We’ll just have to see. Something that I’ve talked to Shonda [Rhimes] about was the fact that while the love triangle was a great way to inject Teddy into this tightly knit group at Seattle Grace, I’m glad that we’re not playing it out for two seasons.

From 24 to LIPSTICK JUNGLE, you’ve made a career out of playing strong female characters. Do you feel it’s important for woman to see such empowering roles on television?
I think it’s important for women to see all kinds of roles on television — weak, strong, empowered, totally messed up — I think we learn from all kinds of different characters. That said, I think it’s great for woman to see that rather than simply ‘arm candy,’ or the ‘girlfriend,’ you’re getting to see these complicated, strong, smart, successful, head of cardiothoracic surgery-type women. Sending a message to woman that you can be this, you don’t have to just be this. One of my favorite things about GREY’S is that Shonda has done something really that nobody else has done. She writes these multi-racial… cultural… financial… gender group of characters who are these incredible doctors and doesn’t explain it. She doesn’t explain a multiracial couple, a woman who is head of surgery, it is what it is and that’s a great example to see. That’s what we are, and what we should be.

You can catch Kim Raver alongside Greg Grunberg and THE MIDDLE’s Charlie McDermott in BOND OF SILENCE on Lifetime on Monday August 23 at 9PM

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