Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Re: Chace Crawford

chace crawford

From: Amy
To: The TV Addict
Date: August 9th, 2010
Subject: For Chace Crawford eyes only

Message Body: With Movieline reporting that the “abysmally reviewed Joel Schumacher privileged-teen drama Twelve earned an estimated $107,000 over its opening weekend — averaging out to a lower-than-anybody-expected average of $463 per screen,” I have five words for the easy-on-the-eyes GOSSIP GIRL star, “Don’t quit your day job.”

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  • Nick

    Was there a shred of advertising or promotion for the movie? If not, it gets lost in the clutter of everything else, just like The CW's attempts to introduce new things (i.e. Plain Jane, 18 to Life).

    No promotion = No audience.

    Guess there's still a faction in H'wood that needs that lesson.

  • Amy_D259

    I've been really looking forward to seeing this but Chace makes every character he plays super boring.
    So pretty but oh so dull.

  • Smith Deb97

    no promotion at all in my area. Good movie, especially on 2nd viewing. Chace was actually very good with the range of emotions he was expected to deliver. Hope word of mouth helps, more the fault of Hanover than the directing or acting.