Today’s TV Addict Top 5: 2010 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS Highlights


The Speeches
Perfectly constructed for the YouTube, Twitter, attention deficit disorder generation, the 2010 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS were a cornucopia of screaming fans, musical interludes and best of all, extremely short speeches. Indeed,¬†half the fun of the show was watching the ‘winners’ cobble together a sentence or two that included some kind of variation thanking “the best fans in the world,” while quietly thinking to themselves, “What on earth am I going to do with a giant surf board?”

The Kardashians
When are three brains not better than one? When they belong to the Kardashian sisters! The youngest of whom pronounced Choice TV Actress winner Leighton Meester’s first name as “Lee-Gon” with an incorrect emphasis on what really should be a silent “G!”

Snooki Free Zone
One of the most curious aspects of last night’s Award Show, well, aside that is from how on earth 90210’s Tristan WIld nabbed a nomination for anything, was the noticeable absence of JERSEY SHORE cast members. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Betty White FTW!
If an award show is held and Betty White doesn’t make an appearance, does anyone really care? Luckily for us, the deep thinkers in the audience didn’t have to answer that question, courtesy of yet another memorable (and did we mention hilariously adorable) appearance by the young-at-heart HOT IN CLEVELAND star who was on hand alongside the uber-classy Sandra bullock to accept a bunch of awards for The Proposal.

The boys of Twilight
File this under things we never thought we’d say, something from Twilight entertained us. Not only did Taylor Lautner deserve some serious kudos for delivering one of the funniest acceptance speeches of the night, genuinely played along with his “Choice Smile” win by thanking his orthodontist. Robert Pattinson was a constant delight whenever the camera panned to him, particularly his “who are these people” reaction when the cast of the VAMPIRE DIARIES (Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev ) went on stage to accept their slew of surf boards.

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  • CJ

    Umm how about the adorableness between Zac Levi and the GORGEOUS Yvonne Strahovski? I just don't get how these two aren't bigger stars then they are now. The world needs to know these two and how epically fantastic they are. Did I mention adorable and gorgeous too?

  • I actually found it odd that the CHUCK stars were there. To the show's credit, I'd like to think that they attract a much smarter audience than the Justin Bieber set.

  • Monkeybone

    I agree CJ, absolutely love Zac and Yvonne. You are dead on though TV Addict and that is a very good point. However, it almost seems that any publicity for the show is good at this point as the viewers are practically non existent. I have a feeling this could be the last season. Oh well, I can only see bigger and better things for Zac and Yvonne after Chuck anyways.

  • joshemerson

    I knew Zach and Yvonne had won awards but I never thought they'd actually be presented on air! Damn, now I wish I had recorded the show.

  • I thought their acceptance speech played out incredibly awkward, especially after it seemed as though most of the audience didn't care much about Chuck..