Found: The One Star in Hollywood Who Isn’t Angling for a Guest Spot on GLEE!

Putting the kibosh on many reporters go-to-question of 2010 is Julia Roberts. Who, unlike the rest of Hollywood (see: John Stamos, Javier Bardeem, Britney Spears to name a few) is actually going on record by publicly ruling out a GLEE guest spot in her future. Said the star of the upcoming big screen adaptation of Eat, Pray, Love to Reuters, “(Actor) Billy Crudup and I were in a Woody Allen musical a couple of years ago and so he said, ‘Oh, you’re a great singer,’ and my husband said, ‘You are a great singer.’ So, now I’m going to say I am a great singer, (but) I’m not just going on GLEE.”

In more exciting GLEWS (That’s GLEE + News in case you were wondering), the Hollywood Reporter continues to live up to its namesake by reporting that creator Ryan Murphy has acquiesced to Lorne Michaels request to free up Jane Lynch for a week in October so that she may appear live from Studio 8H to host that little late night institution known as SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Less exciting, was Murphy’s reveal to AccessHollywood that he’s open to a guest spot from the newest Proactiv pitchman, calling Justin Bieber “Phenomenally talented,” and adding, “I think he’s great. So, yes, if he was interested I would make that happen.”

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