TV Ratings: Tuesday August 10, 2010 (Slightly more than 18 viewers tune into the CW’s Canadian Import 18 TO LIFE)

Source: MediaWeek, Viewers: in millions
Time Network Show Viewers 18-49
8PM CBS NCIS (R) 8.60 1.4/5
ABC Wipeout 7.91 2.6/8
FOX Hell’s Kitchen 7.09 3.2/11
NBC Minute to Win It (R) 5.02 1.5/5
CW Plain Jane (R) 1.29 0.5/2
9PM NBC America’s Got Talent 10.37 2.8/8
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles (R) 7.38 1.3/4
FOX Masterchef 6.12 2.7/8
ABC Shaq Vs. 3.86 1.4/4
CW 18 to Life 747,000 0.3/1
9:30PM CW 18 to Life 776,000 0.3/1
10PM NBC America’s Got Talent 10.51 3.0/9
CBS The Good Wife (R) 4.90 1.03
ABC Primetime: What Would You Do? (R) 4.23 1.5/5

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  • Nick

    Beating a dead horse, perhaps, but wouldn't you think that the ONE network which “claims” to target tech-savvy teens could figure out a way to do an interactive, appealing show aimed at their demo? Why must all of teen techies call and text votes for Idol, Talent, Dancing, etc., while the “so-called” teen network serves up a non-promoted Canadian comedy repeat?

    Mr. Moonves, in all honesty, is this the way to run your sister network? Come on, now. You know you wouldn't trash CBS like this. So why are you doing it to your co-venture network? Answers, please.