Blogger Beat Down: Movieline Misses the Mark on TV’s top earners


The subject of this week’s ‘Blogger Beat Down’ is… Movieline’s Julie Miller who, based on TVGuide Magazine’s just released list of “TV’s Top Earners” seems surprised that the likes of JERSEY SHORE’s Snooki gets paid as much as GLEE’s Matthew Morrison in a piece called “Matthew Morrison is Paid the Same as Snooki, and 5 Other Devastating TV Paycheck Comparisons.”

Our Take: Suffice to say, Miller’s “Devastating TV Paycheck Comparisons” are slightly less so if one has a rudimentary knowledge of how the television industry works. Indeed, there is a very good reason the likes of Matthew Morrison and Jim Parsons are making a mere $30 – $40,000 dollars per-episode. That’s the standard starting salary one receives when they’re a relative unproven television commodity versus marquee names such as Julianna Marguilies ($175,000 per episode), Ed O’Neill ($100,000 per episode) and Betty White ($75,000 per episode). Sillier still is Miller’s comparison of Jane Lynch ($50,000 per episode) and Tina Fey ($350,000 per episode) to the likes of David Boreanaz ($200,000 per episode) and original DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Cross, Hatcher, Huffman and Longoria (Each of whom make $400,000 per episode). Lynch may be last season’s breakout star and this year’s run-away favorite to walk-away with an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy but she’s also one of 27 cast members on an incredibly pricey hour-long (GLEE), while Boreanaz is essentially 50% of one of Fox’s most successful series (BONES.) The incomparable writer/performer Tina Fey may make slightly less on 30 ROCK than those not-so-desperate-housewives, but she also attracts less than half of an audience. As for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi walking away with $30,000 per-episode to “GTL”, well, we’re not going to lie, nothing makes us throw up in our mouth more! Except perhaps the realization that we actually know what the heck “GTL” (Gym, Tan, Laundry) stands for. That said, for better or for worse, $30,000 per-episode is commensurate with her current place in the cultural zeitgeist.

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  • All I can think about is that they'd just have to work an episode to pay for a kid's entire college tuition.

  • Indeed, it's sometimes surreal to be talking to an actor and know that in one week (usually the time it takes to shoot one episode) they make more than I'll make all year! Also known as reason #1 that I have no sympathy for when Katherine Heigl complains about 17 hour workdays.

  • Shannon

    This is just mean.

  • Nick

    Don't say “zeitgeist.” It's Dawn Ostroff's favorite word, and she uses it at every appearance. Someone please get her a thesaurus.

  • I am guessing Miller knows why these things happen … why one person makes more than another ….

    I understand (sort of) why Sheen makes so much money … but I still think its insane he makes two times more than Cryer. Also big bang kids are negotiating a new contract(last I knew) and since their show is on par(ratings audience and stuff) (I think if I read the numbers right) with 2.5 men I am curious to see what their new pay checks will be… Although 2.5 men is syndicated? and bbt is not… as far as I know (I am not all that up on how tv works or what is going on up to the minute.) I guess that might have something to do with paycheck size.

    In a perfect world our favorite actors or the actors who win awards would make more than others. But we all know the world is not perfect.

  • Ace

    Ugh. I just do not understand the appeal of the Jersey Shore people. We are finally rid of the annoying Hills people and then these guys come along. I wish someone would create an Internet filter that would allow you to block stories about certain people/shows. Please tell me it is minute 14.8 for these people.

  • Shannon,
    In no way meant to be mean, just offer an opposing view on a story. Nothing personally. Very much enjoy stopping by Movieline on a regular basis. Funniest headlines on the interwebs

  • Deb

    If David Boreanaz makes $200,000 per episode how much does Emily Deschanel make? She's nowhere on the list and the show is named after her character.

    Just wondering.

  • shanna

    There's one for Justin Beiber so I'm sure there's one for Jersey Shore