Good News, Bad News: GOSSIP GIRL, BONES & ABC

blake lively gossip girl

Good News: According to GOSSIP GIRL co-creator Josh Schwartz, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Blake Lively requested to have Serena killed off in order to pursue a career on the big screen. Bad News: Dammit internet! The rumor was Taylor Momsen requested to have Jenny killed off. Come’on people, work with us here! [Source: E! Online]

Good News: Michael Ausiello is reporting that BONES has officially broken off talks with The SItuation for an upcoming guest appearance. Bad News: The fact that there were actually talks to break off with The Situation. [Source: EW]

Good News: The network that gave us ALIAS is getting back into the spy game. Bad News: By greenlighting an adaptation of what — if history is any indication — will surely be a toned down and far less cool version of the hit UK series SPOOKS (Or as it was known on A&E as MI-5) [Source: Deadline]

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