Must Read TV: Syfy, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Emmys & More!

• A match made in space, PUSHING DAISIES creator Bryan Fuller sets up shop at Syfy.
• Good News: DirecTV announces an October 27 return date for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS… Bad News: Fifth and final season.
• This just in: Things are looking up for a Jimmy Fallon hosted Emmys!
• Nice work if you can get it, find our if your favorite TV star is one of TV’s Top earners!
• It’s official: AMC gets in THE KILLING business.

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  • Nick

    The TV Guide list “might” have been interesting if it was anywhere near a “complete” list. I'd bet my house that Ian Somerhalder (at $40G) is not the top earner at The CW. So, really, TVG, what's the point?

  • CaptainZap

    OK, I realize a list like this is full of apples-and-oranges, but seriously.. Angus T. Jones makes more than 6 times as much as Jim Parsons? And Shailene Woodley makes the same per episode as Jim Parsons??

    And if you just thought “who's Shailene Woodley?” then you understand my point.

  • Ace

    And that would be why the cast of BBT is still trying to renegotiate their contracts.