An In Depth Look At… THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Big Reveal!

For weeks now, fans of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS have known that Ronan is the child who was stolen from Nina and sold on the black market two decades ago. But how will Nina react when she finds out that the man who has made the life of her beloved Chance hellish is, in fact, his half-brother? That’s what viewers will find out this week as one of daytime’s longest-running mysteries is finally solved.

“This is a huge, huge moment for longtime fans of the show,” previews Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms of the twist. “We saw Nina’s baby be stolen by Rose DeVille back in 1986. Think about it! This is a story that started over 20 years ago! And that, my friends, is what makes daytime such a unique genre. Where else can you tell a story that covers decades and do it in real-time?”

Given that Nina and Ronan aren’t exactly fond of one another, this probably won’t be the happiest of reunions. “Nina’s not going to be thrilled,” says Simms. “On the one hand, she’s finally found out what happened to that baby who was stolen from her all those years ago. Woo-hoo! On the other… that child has grown into an obnoxious guy who has put the life of her other son, Chance, in major danger! Nina is going to be majorly shocked on several levels!”

Elsewhere in the issue, look for an interview with Eden Riegel, who went from playing ALL MY CHILDREN’s saintly lesbian, Bianca, to Y&R’s vixenish legal eagle, Heather, as well as one with AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Van Hansis, who ponders both his future and that of his alter ego, Luke, as both find themselves dealing with the long-running soap’s end! And seeing as THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Brooke is dealing with the aftermath of having “accidentally” slept with her daughter’s boyfriend (talk about the ultimate “oopsie daisy!”), what better time to look back on some of the blonde bombshell’s other, er, interesting life choices! Finally, the magazine reveals which pairing from the CBS soaps walked away the final winner of the Supercouple Smackdown.

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  • Auggie

    Who cares about the Ronan/Nina/Chloe/Chance storyline.

  • ChillyFanForever!! <3

    I do and I wish they would throw sexy Billy into the Storyline so there can be a quadrangle with Billy, Chloe, Ronan, and Chance. I think Ronan and Billy would be formidable rivals too! And deep down I know that one day Chilly will be back and deeply in love! Villy is a temporary pitstop to Chilly's happiness. Billy, Delia, and Chloe forever!!!