Review: WEEDS Season 6

As one of the proud, the ardent, the remaining TV Addicts to have stuck by WEEDS throughout all five of its somewhat uneven seasons, it pains us to say that tonight’s sixth season premiere — which has the Botwin clan hastily making a run for it after youngest son Shane channels his inner Dexter Morgan — is not its finest hour.

That said, there is a silver-lining to tonight’s ridiculousness that offers up a resolution to Andy’s almost wife Audra (Alanis Morissette) being held hostage by an anti-abortionist stalker, while Silas, Andy and Nancy attempt to come to grips with Shane knocking off Pilar in the swimming pool with a Croquet mallet.

That silver-lining: The fact that by the time the credits roll on tonight’s episode — which plays very much more like an end to last season, versus a start of a new one — executive producer Jenji Kohan will have successfully written herself out of a corner and essentially given her writing staff a clean slate to work with heading into season six.

Of course, whether or not Nancy and Co. can make the most of said fresh start remains to be seen. But considering we’re already hooked on the product and by no means ready to kick the habit, it certainly has us intrigued.

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