Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows Julianna Margulies Has Apparently Never Seen!

julianna maguilies the good wife

“I think that is the first time network television has had an oral sex scene,” declared Julianna Margulies after reporters were shown clips from the upcoming season, including one which showed, um, how her alter ego on THE GOOD WIFE earned that name. When asked by a reporter if she’d researched that statement, the actress became a tad snippy, calling the poor chap “despicable.” Never fret, Julianna, we hear at have your back and prove as much by offering up five shows that have previously gone where you’re just now getting around to.

In the pilot, Jules son had the first of what would become many awkward encounters with his free-spirited mom when he comes home to find that she’s been… pleasuring a suitor.

The remake of the high school sudser opened with a teenage girl showed her boyfriend what she’d learned in sex ed. The Parents Television Council got their panties in a bunch while the rest of America collectively shrugged.

In the episode “Hooked”, Hayden Panettiere put aside her HEROES pom-poms and broke out the knee pads. When caught in the act, her alter ego insisted she wasn’t having sex. “Just oral!” declared the teen. “Oral sex,” replied an incredulous Detective Benson.

May I direct your attention to the season two episode titled “Pret-a-Poor-J” in which we got a rare glimpse of a man (Chuck) doing the hard work courtesy of a steamy fantasy which left Blair needing to… take matters into her own hands, as they say. 

Yes, Julianna, cartoon characters were exploring the love that you seem to think dare not speak its name before you got to do it on network television. 

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  • Nick

    Julie boasts about an oral scene, then calls the reporter “despicable?” Uh, lighten up, doctor.

  • Ace

    Not as bad as when Jesse Metcalfe recently claimed that Chase was original b/c it was the first show about US Marshalls. Apparently he's never seen In Plain Sight or Justified (just to name two).

  • Nick

    Or Gunsmoke.

  • angrodpallanen

    LMAO, gotta love your humor Addict!

  • Juli Margo

    We hear???

  • grumpiestoldman

    Remember on Everwood when all the teenage kids were getting herpes in their mouth because of that?
    Or the guy who died of throat cancer on Private Practice from cooties he caught from pleasuring his woman?