Emmy Predictions 2010: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

In anticipation of the upcoming 62nd Annual EMMY Awards (Airing Sunday August 29th at 8PM on NBC) theTVaddict.com is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to once again present our GUARANTEED EMMY WINNERS 2010*

NOMINEES: Jane Lynch (GLEE), Julie Bowen (MODERN FAMILY), Sofia Vergara (MODERN FAMILY), Kristen Wigg (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE), Jane Krakowski (30 ROCK), Holland Taylor (TWO AND A HALF MEN)

And not just because Sue Sylvester scares the bejesus out of us (Or because we suspect Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara will split the MODERN FAMILY vote!)

WILL WIN: Jane Lynch, GLEE
The way we see it, is that when you steal every single scene you’re in, an Emmy win is pretty much a fait accompli.

SNUBBED: Vanessa Williams, UGLY BETTY
Like Lynch, she steals the show. Unlike Lynch, nobody was watching BETTY’s fantastic final season.

*theTVaddict.com does not guarantee his “winning picks.” Do not, I repeat, Do not bet the house, kids or family pet on them!

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  • chels725

    Both Vanessa Williams and Alison Brie were snubbed. They easily could've taken Holland Taylor & Kristen Wigg's spots on the ballot.