FRINGE Star John Noble Reacts to Egregious Emmy Snub

john noble fringe

From follically-challenged men with a taste for tabasco to parallel universes with a hate on for our world, FRINGE fans relish the unexplainable. 

Except of course when it comes to the Acadamy’s egregious snub of actor John Noble who for some inexplicable reason will not be among the group of tuxedo clad nominees sitting in the Nokia Theater this Sunday August 29 where the Emmy’s will be broadcast live on NBC. 

But what does the actor better known as Dr. Walter Bishop have to say on the subject? We asked him on our recent visit to the set of FRINGE.

“I wasn’t surprised last year, but I was surprised this year and so was everyone else,” explained Noble on the Acadmey’s failure to recognize his remarkable work in “Peter,” an episode actually worthy of the term “game-changer.” “I’ll be honest, It took me a couple of days to process it, I was stunned and then I had to let it go.”

And let it go he has. But not before taking a moment to thanks his ardent supporters.

“Thank you to all the good people who have said, ‘What happened here?’ but I can’t live in that space. I don’t want to live my life as the loser.” 

Only in the parallel universe would anyone define “loser” as the guy who gets to go to work with Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, and Jasika Nicole every day. That said, we look forward to the Academy rectifying their mistake next year.

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  • Ace

    Another reason why John Noble is awesome: he gave an honest answer. Anyone else would have said something like “oh no no, it's stiff competition, I wasn't expecting it.” He really did deserve it too.

  • He really did.

  • John

    At one time this would have bothered me, but I gave up on taking the Emmys seriously years ago.

  • I appreciate his honesty. It's very refreshing.

  • hilsto

    I will take the Emmys seriously again when John Noble is nominated.

  • This was a definite snub and it was nice to see an honest answer from him. It's a shame that the academy is so narrow-minded as to largely dismiss anything with sci-fi leanings (ex. all the years that shows like Buffy were overlooked for acting nods) while embracing the odd one (like True Blood). It does result in some hugely talented actors not being recognized for their amazing work.