Jennifer Aniston Takes a Break From Movie Career to Help out Friend Courteney Cox on COUGAR TOWN

aniston cox friends cougar town

Made official today by ABC publicity, Jennifer Aniston will reunite with her former FRIEND Courteney Cox on the second season opener of COUGAR TOWN which premieres on Wednesday September 22 at 9:30PM on ABC.

Which brings us to the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Is an Aniston guest appearance really what it used to be? Oh sure, the artist formerly known as Rachel Green will undoubtedly bring some much-needed media attention to COUGAR TOWN. But, if her track record as TV guest star (30 ROCK, DIRT), big screen movie icon (The Switch, The Bounty Hunter) and tabloid headline (John Mayer, Brad Pitt) are any indication, where Aniston leads, viewers don’t necessarily follow.* We’re just sayin’

* Unless of course she is accompanied by an impossible to resist adorable labrador retriever in the 100 million dollar plus grossing Marley and Me!.

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  • FabFranTX

    Yeah, I think I'm over Aniston.

    She will never be Julia Roberts, so I think she kinda needs to pack it in and go back to TV…I'm rooting for Anne Hathaway as the next Julia.