Get Your First Look at AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD

Further proof that our local cable company (Yes, we’re talking to you Rogers) simply must make room on their cable package for an HD version of AMC (and fast!) comes in the form of this first look trailer for THE WALKING DEAD. The small screen adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic book from Frank Darabont, which according to the network once known as our got-to for Goodfellas repeats will premiere this Hallows-eve (Read: October 31, 2010 at 10PM)

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  • Sretav

    Not just AMC but a couple dozen other channels need to be HD.

    Why oh why are we still watching Space, MTV, HGTV, Food Network, etc in crappy standard Def?

    This is what happens when you have cable monopolies.

  • Bob

    Look no further! DISH Network has AMC in HD. DirecTV doesn’t even have it. That means you get zombies in HD with DISH! As a customer and employee of DISH I can’t say how happy I’ve been since I made the switch.